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10 Tips to Write Quality Content for Your Blog

A blog is more than a cluster of text and images addressing an issue. It is a personal expression of your views and ideas. It is your own brand of thought. It is a channel for self-expression and freedom of speech. Now, that being said let me take you through these steps of how to craft the content of the highest quality for your blog.

1. Write what you love

Always write something you are passionate about since a blog requires new content on a regular basis and you are bound to run out of writing steam sooner or later. If it is a topic you are interested in and know a lot about the content will in a matter of speaking write itself.

2. Be Original

Be faithful to your writing style. While drawing inspiration from the content around the web, including other blogs, do not stray from your usual style of writing because your blog is a statement of your own writing style and thought process. Your Blog is your own brand, so you need to build on your brand by innovating new ideas to present your blog and its content in a refreshing way to your readers. Be original, and readers will sooner or later like your writing.

3. Research Your Topic

Make sure you fact check when quoting people and sensitive statistics since if you go on about the rumors that have been milling in Reddit instead of the Washington Post as a source of current affairs and facts, you are bound to lose a few readers over an inaccuracy in facts you state in your blog. The worst-case scenario is you may even be fined by the authorities for misquoting facts.

4. Always be in Style

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in blogging and writing styles since your content has to have an edge over the rest of the stuff that your readers are exposed to. If you don’t stay on top of what is trending then you may very well get left behind, or at least will see a huge dip in your readership.

5. Writing a Catchy Title for your Blog Post

Since the advent of electronic media people’s attention spans have reduced drastically. This means a potential blog reader wouldn’t spend more than a few seconds to read the title of your post. Hence it would make sense to make the title of your post a very catchy one. This is what makes the difference between a reader actually going through your post or totally skipping over it.

6. Custom-write your Blog for Keyword Optimization

It is better to use a long string of keywords (at least more than 2 or 3) to stand out from the crowd. For example, if you insert generic keywords such as Information Technology or Hollywood Movies, it will come up with millions of matches for the same content.

7. Link your Older Blog Posts to each other

The best way to get more hits on your blog posts is to link your blog posts internally. Seek out blog posts relevant to each other and link them to each other as much as possible. Cross-linking increases readership by self-promotion. This takes very little time to do and yields great results.

8. Write for Maximum Readability

Your blog post should be written for maximum readability. This means that the post should be read and understand the content with minimum difficulty. You can start by constructing clear paragraphs which follow a sequence of concept and explanation. Next, you can use short sentences to avoid grammar errors. Also, it is a good practice to use simple vocabulary. Transition words also help guide the reader through the content without getting lost in the jargon or grammar.

9. Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is half the battle when it comes to gaining readership for your blogpost. Choose the right keywords, check the keyword density. Tag your images for Google bots to find it. Place subscription links in your blog. Use social media buttons like Facebook twitter and Pinterest; this will increase your readership tenfold, or even more than that. Tap into the unlimited power of SEO.

10. Use More Graphical Elements such as Images and Graphs

Content can get very dry, very quickly when it is text-heavy. Be sure to pepper your Blog post with Images, and graphs, etc. These visual stimuli will keep the reader interested in your content even when the post lays on heavy jargon and concepts.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that write what love and stay true to what you love. Stick to the rules of the game when it comes to Internet SEO. Make sure you don’t offend sections of your readers, and especially without good cause. If you follow all the said rules you are bound to produce content that is going to be a hit from day one!

Author Bio: Yadav is a professional writer who lives in Bangalore. He likes long walks on a beach and reading while traveling. He likes to write about things that move him and those that are screened in multiplexes. While knowing an Allen key from the Alan Parsons Project, he has a deep interest in the fine arts, theatre being chief among them.

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