12 Ways to Maintain Work Life Balance

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Work-Life Balance is one of the most debated issues today. While some professionals believe to maintain good consistency at work is important and some believe it is more essential to keep things running smoothly at home despite circumstances at the office. The truth is, there has to be a fine balance between the work that you do in the office and the life you lead at home. Only then can you truly be happy and successful.

Now, what does a work-life balance mean, exactly? Does it mean you spend an equal amount of time at the office and at home? Answer- No! Your life is ongoing whether you are at home or at the office. While we all know what work refers to - a systematic process to earn your livelihood (a job!), we are not clear on what life refers to in this situation. Life here refers to all your activities that are not directly related to your work and its outcomes. It may refer to leisure activities, interaction with family and friends, personal tasks, etc.

As you know these days work often spills into your life outside and vice versa. You end up bringing up excess work home and ruining your family time and most importantly “me” time. Now I shall go through how to reserve time for yourself and your family and manage a fulfilling workday and also your life outside of work.

Here are 12 ways to ensure work stays in the office and the family at home gets your undivided attention when you’re back home:

1. Incorporate Downtime into Your Day

Now you have planned out your week perfectly and have all your goals set according to requirements and are ready to take charge of the day. But as you go on working and getting tasks done throughout the day you realize that while tasks are being accomplished right on time you are growing increasingly tired and taking more time to complete each task, Eventually taking unscheduled breaks. In this situation, it is imperative that you find out exactly how much work you can handle before you need to relax your body and mind by taking a break and a walk etc. This will result in a more realistic and efficient use of your time.

2. Avoid Energy Draining Activities

There are some activities like exercising in the gym and jogging that make you physically tired momentarily, but just shortly after will give you a great amount of energy which is positive. But when you engage in certain activities like gossiping about others listening to people complaining about life it will quickly sap your life force and diminish your ability to stay happy and work. Avoid this at all costs. Stay away from people who put down others without reason, people who always whine without taking action, and people who hate on others without reason. These people are bound to bring you down eventually.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Now that we have touched upon exercise, let us go into detail about what exercise will do for you. Endorphins are nature’s “happy” chemicals that are released into your system as soon as you exercise, even if you go for a simple walk or jog. Exercising improves blood flow to all parts of your body, keeps you functioning at optimum efficiency physically and also men