Everything You Need To Know About Netflix

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Netflix is an online media streaming service that serves up movies and TV series to an eager audience that laps up all it has to offer. Since its days as a competitor alongside Blockbuster, Netflix has always stood out from the crowd and was always off the beaten path.

Netflix is most famous for its original content with series numbering a dozen in each genre such as Drama, Comedy and Kids Entertainment. It also has the same number of releases in Miniseries, Documentaries and Stand-Up Comedy.

Most of the original programming is sold to and screened on several other channels. You would have definitely heard of “House of Cards”, “Arrested Development,” and “Orange is the New Black,” which have won several Emmy’s (Oscar Equivalent for daytime TV series). A considerable number of documentaries and stand-up comedy acts have also received awards.Netflix also has a DVD service where you can rent their shows on DVD’s.

Netflix Price Point

The Netflix online service can be availed by paying an amount of $7.99 (starting price) and the DVD service has a maximum pricing of $16.99. This is just the pricing for users in the US. There is similar pricing in different parts of the world. The Current Pricing is now $9.99 for fresh subscribers. According to the latest news, the price was bumped up from May 2014 from $7.99 to $8.99. In 2016 it has again been increased to $9.99.

Netflix is cheaper folks! Amazon and Apple may have fresher content, but if you are looking at value for money, then this is it.

This is one of the main selling points of this service since Amazon Instant Video and iTunes and charge by the episode and series whereas Netflix has a bundled monthly charge. With Netflix you have access to all the content available in the catalogue, but that being said, the selection is slightly limited on par with other services, if not in volume, at least in freshness.

Netflix Availability