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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Updated: Jan 6

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, they say. So here begins the journey of a wedding plan through these nine steps, in descending level of importance. At the end of this amazing journey, you will have graduated to wedding ninjas! Let us go through the ultimate wedding planning checklist:

Wedding Planning Checklist: 1. Plan your budget

Now that he has proposed to you, and you find him to be the man of your dreams, sit down with him to share your plan of that perfect wedding. First things first – the finances, how much can you afford to spend on that dream wedding of yours.

You will have to weigh in on how much you can dip into your own savings, how much you can depend on your parents for funds, so on and so forth.

2. Wedding Folder/Binder

The most important part of a wedding plan is to get your priorities right so that the most meaningful parts of a wedding are not left out. You wouldn’t want the epic engagement party you threw for your friends and family to put a dent in your wedding budget would you?

It is good practice to keep a Journal to plan all your wedding activities as a couple.

3. Guest List

There is always that friend of your fiancé’s that is so annoying, yet is an essential part of her entourage. Or the mutual friend who makes both of you uncomfortable but still has earned an obligatory invite due to a last-minute favour he granted you.

Distant family you never knew you had, but will cast their wrath on you lest you forget to invite them. A guest list is a cornerstone of any wedding. Make some time together to hash out who is in and who is out on your Wedding guest list.

4. Plan the Date and Venue

Now this is a biggie… the Venue is central to the success of the wedding. So much so that some brides plan for their venues years in advance and book it months in advance. It is one of biggest expenses in a wedding next to Jeweller and clothing shopping. Since a girl dreams of her wedding since she is very young it is best to yield to her decision on this one.

Trust me, it is bound to make and keep her happy for a long time! Now the date on the other hand is something you both have to work on as a couple seeing to it a maximum number of your close family and friends can make it your special day as man and wife.

5. Shopping

This is the biggest expense in the wedding and is the most fun for your precious new wifey to be! On the day of shopping your fiancé is going to be like a kid in a candy store. While it is going to be fun seeing her eyes light up looking at stunning diamond studded necklaces and beautiful gold rings, keep an eye on covering every piece of jewellery required for wedding attire. This expense has to be planned right from the start for both Jewellery and wedding outfits and clothing.

6. Transportation for Guests and Accommodation

One way to make your family and friends who stay in different cities or even states feel at home while attending your wedding is to lease transport to ferry them to and from your wedding and house them in reasonable good hotels to have them rested for the time of the wedding. You can also just sponsor their transport by accepting their bills online in an informal way.

7. Caterers, bands, Florists and photographers

While a great Venue forms the backbone of any good wedding, you have to equip it with an amazing caterer, an entertaining band or DJ, a delightful florist Decorator and an artistic photographer as is the trend these days.

The food must have great appeal for both sides of the wedding party, the band shouldn’t be too loud but pleasant, and since flowers are the staple of any great wedding in this country hire a good one. And choose a non-conventional artistic photographer to capture the best moments of your life on film.

8. Invitation Cards and Wedding Website

Choose a creative wedding card that reflects your spirit as a couple. To make your invitations and information about wedding and its happening easier to access you can create your very own wedding website.

9. Engagement Party/ Mehndi ka Rasam

If your wedding budget allows this and if you feel it is necessary you can have a grand engagement party or Mehndi ka Rasam. You will have to hire professional Mehndi artists, makeup artists and others to make this event work. You can also gift your fiancé a Bridal treatment to help her look stunning for the event

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