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Top 10 International Wedding Planning Websites

Updated: Jan 6

So you have finally whittled down your plans for marriage into a final date. You have excitement running through your veins, doubling in intensity with each passing day as the wedding day gets closer. So you start going through every great wedding website and other websites for weddings as fast as you can.

You finally find the popular wedding website you are looking for but the good wedding website does not offer enough information to help you plan a great wedding at the existing budget.

 Here is your list guide to the top ten global wedding websites:

International Wedding Planning Websites 1.

This is the Rolls Royce of all wedding websites across the net worldwide. This is a holistic planner wedding website with three stages of planning. On this website, the wedding planning is broken into time frames of a few months ahead of the wedding as a plan. website

This will help you stay on track as a couple to be with its various features. Some of them include information about wedding etiquette. It has pockets and dividers to organize bills, receipts, contacts, photos, etc. It also has informative blogs with subjective accounts of weddings.

One of the best in this list of International Wedding Planning Websites, it is set up as direct competition against The Knot. While The Knot is a great wedding website that has an organized system of helping you plan your wedding and is detailed, is a good wedding website that is subjective. website

This means on this site there is a feature called the idea of the day. This picks a particular wedding-related topic and goes into detail regarding the same. This site deals with wedding and honeymoon ideas.

3. Mixbook (Previously WedPics)

This app is like Instagram for couples to be! You can click pics at your wedding and share them with your friends using this app. website

It is a very useful and practical tool since wedding photography is the cornerstone of any good wedding and hence it is a popular wedding website. Ok this may not be a website but as an app it is pretty useful when needed.

This is a pretty popular wedding website among brides to be. This is the best place to find the best gown, best flower blooms, and the loveliest wedding ideas in general.

BridalMusings homepage

The wedding blog on this site is especially useful since it hands out meaningful tips and advice. This is an all-rounder site with great information about all wedding requirements from clothing to venues. It also has an interactive blog to get in touch with other wedded couples to be.

This site is more of an experiential blog with couples sharing their wedding day online for everyone to be enchanted and inspired by. What the site owners do is accept a few submissions from 500 odd wedded couples about their wedding day. And have weddings highlighted for everyone to draw up ideas for their own wedding.

green wedding shoes homepage

This acts as a showcase for a couple to show the effort that they have put into their weddings, to make it happen.

Also other couples who are yet to wed can learn from the mistakes of the couples who talk on the blog and exchange valuable pieces of information with each other regarding their own wedding day. This is a great wedding website.

How could we do a wedding site special and not include one from the UK? This has all the makings of a popular wedding website and more.

want that wedding website

Some of its features include a mood board in its wedding planner, a very interactive and one-of-a-kind wedding blog, and useful tidbits on where to find the most exclusive wedding attire.

The editor of this wedding website Carrie Crooks says her inspiration for starting this wedding website was how happy and emotional weddings are and make people. This is a cheerful site which has all the offerings of a bubbly wedding website.

junebug weddings  homepage

You won’t be disappointed here. This blog-style wedding website focuses more on the emotional aspect of a wedding and how to handle the same before and during the wedding.

This is an online bridal boutique that will give you the best prices on bridal wear for any range of pricing that you are looking for unless it is extremely high end. This website also offers resale of your used bridal wear at a good resale price.

nearly newly wed homepage

Check this out for sure. This wedding website has some standard features found in all other peer sites, but focuses mainly on Clothing and mostly for the bride.

This wedding site is for the specific purpose of simplifying wedding seating. It has a User-Friendly interface with which you can choose from a wide range of seating arrangements after you enter the type of wedding hall or space into the app.

allseated homepage

It also has a link to room rentals and related services to help you. This helps you get rid of cumbersome spreadsheets and gives you an easy to understand real-time visual representation of the seating at your wedding venue as you want it to be.

These both are websites for the bride and groom to arrange for their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties respectively. One of the most overlooked needs of a couple to be is addressed here, which is in itself commendable.

eventcreate homepage

These sites are highly specialized travel apps that give the bride and groom a list of all travel destinations, spas, resorts, and hotels that can be booked for this kind of occasion.

The Final Word

There are a great many sites on the web that offer a bevy of services to a couple that is just about to be wedded. This list can serve as a reliable and handy guide to all those who need a ready reckoner of all their wedding needs to be found online. Websites for weddings give you great information but it is left to you to see what you can make of it, even if it’s a great wedding website or just a wedding website.

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