Niche WordPress Blogging Sites

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When you write about a single topic on a blog and nothing else, then it is called a Niche Blog. A Blog with a singular objective in mind and only caters to a specialized topic is a Niche Blog. While Niche Blogs sound like they are monotonous and not much fun, they are the type of Blog that gains a dedicated following of readers and sees the most success online. The most popular blog topics can be harnesses using Niche Blogs.

1. Why You Should Start a Niche Blog

Most readers like to experience variety when it comes to blogs, but when it boils down to saving RSS feeds for sharing or even reading later, they prefer niche Blogs.

Among the many reasons to start a Niche Blog, it helps to keep Bloggers on-track with a single focus in mind. Niche Blogs also give Bloggers access to an audience that is reliable and dedicated to reading your content. These are blog niches that make money to the maximum extent. Niche blogging ideas are a hotbed of activity online currently

Such an unparalleled focus makes it very easy to monetize the respective Blog with ads that are closely associated with the blog content. Another reason to start a Niche Blog is that such Blogs can expand one's knowledge in a particular topic and domain to a great extent.

2. How you can benefit from Niche WP Blogs?

Want to Make Money From Your WordPress Blog? You Need a Niche

The best way to make money from a WordPress Blog is to find your niche and stick to it

You can also use your Blog to aid your business, fundraising activities, and driving traffic and potential customers to your website and Business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular free Content Management System/CMS, known globally for its ease of use for online purposes. This can range anything from standard Blogs and news sites to fully functional online stores and portfolios. Its open-source nature makes it viable for easy downloads, installations, modifications, and a whole lot more. This can even work for commercial reasons.

Why WordPress?

The very fact that the WordPress Platform has great ease of use with respect to Content Management System/CMS makes it the choice of millions across the world – around almost 60 million sites. It beats out all other competition such as Drupal and Joomla effortlessly.

The simple nature of the platform leads to massive customization possibilities. While it is a common occurrence to have users give up on CMS’s because of them being too convoluted, such a happening never occurs with WordPress. It is also suitable for small businesses as well as large corporations.

WordPress advantages:

1. Intuitive posting

Users are able to add a new content entry to their website using only two clicks. Next, the user will have to Click New>Post from the front end, after which it can be published when ready.

2. Competition between developers

The popularity of WP means there will be plenty of developers across the world competing with each other by coming up with new extensions and themes for WP. This will help enhance the product comprehensively with each new update.

3. Ease of access

Users can access the admin panel at the respective URLs as long as the hosting is functional. One can also customize the site from any given mobile or computer device which is online.

4. Dreamweaver vs WordPress

WordPress does not need coding knowledge or the services of a web developer. WP has a user-friendly admin panel the lets users work on their site while in the middle of an uneventful task in everyday routine.

5. Analyze your content performance

A content author will require objective viewpoints on what works and what doesn’t with their readers. The comment and share functionality allows authors to monitor user engagement, and discard inappropriate user inputs.

6. Other Advantages

These include WP extensions which can add desired bonus features, WP Revisions which include changes to a webpage and saving versions, and even the mobile readiness of WP. This also offers easy syncing with popular resources such as email marketing tools and more. WP forums are also a great way to get problems with web pages resolved quickly by opening up discussions with the forum groups

WordPress Disadvantages