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Intense Hollywood Movie Lines that are Super Entertaining

1.You wanna lay the fate of the world on the kids Camaro?

A man at gun point says this wholly underestimated punch line in "Transformers" by Michael Bay. John Turturro plays Simmons, a Sector Seven agent who is slammed against a wall by Josh Duhamel who plays Lt. Col. Williams while asking him to release the Autobot BumbleBee. Duhamel/Williams goes on to prod him with the business end of what looks like a Beretta which makes Simmons say this. 

Turns out to be a pretty significant line right now with the release of "Bumblebee"

2.Careful, Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty.  

"Minority Report" has this well placed dialogue that basically sets the tone for the whole movie. The best movie lines don't need any context or back story. It makes an impression instantly. This is one such line which stands on its own.  

When Tom Cruise is going through old memory files of the pre-cogs (clairvoyants), the person handling these files says this dialogue. This line seems innocuous, but is basically the whole movie plot in a single line. 

3.So no matter what I promise you, if you need us, if you need me.I'll be there.

Being a hard-core Marvel fan I couldn't resist laying this one down. The end of Civil War sees Tony Stark and Steve Rogers butting heads. With Tony reading Steve Rogers' farewell letter to him, and simultaneously showing Steve stepping out of the shadows to the line "I'll be there". It is indicated that Steve has broken into the high security prison where the ones who opposed the Sokovia Accords were held captive. But the timing, and the tone would give any Marvel fan goose bumps. You get to relive this moment all over again when Steve emerges from the shadows to rescue Vision and Wanda Maximoff. 

4. You almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife!

This one is probably amazingly funny :) . Jesse Eisenberg says this to Woody Harrelson in his Chevy Escalade, in the comedy horror "Zombieland.

Hitching a ride with the Yosemite Sam looking Woody Harrelson,  Eisenberg breaks the ice with this funny line

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