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5 Tips to Get Through Life in Quarantine

If you’re reading this, you are probably one of the millions across the globe living life in quarantine. This means you are looking to carry on life as it was before you had to stay home. Here are tips that will help you get through this with as little difficulty as possible:

Stay Indoors, Stay Active

First things first, follow government mandates to stay at home to avoid further spread of the Coronavirus. The lockdown and other steps that are taken by the government are for our safety and it will help if we follow said regulations. But it doesn’t mean you cannot stay physically active while indoors. You can stay fit by any number of ways - ranging from walking on your terrace to push-ups and burpees using indoor surfaces. You can even use YouTube to guide you through Yoga practices.

Electron Microscope Image of Corona Virus
novel Corona Virus Photograph

Wash Hands Regularly

Keep your hands clean as much as possible by washing them regularly. You can also use alcohol based hand sanitizers. If you’re worried about your hands getting dry you can use moisturizers to keep them soft. Also avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible.

Washing Hands
Wash Your Hands with Soap!

Catch up on your Streaming Series backlog

Whether it's Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other streaming service, you’re sure to be behind at least a few episodes in your favourite series online. If you’ve never found time for watching Stranger Things or Ozark, now is the perfect time.

Refer official government communication for updates

One way to stay calm in these uncertain times is to access official government communication such as this link COVID-19 or Covidinfo. Misinformation can lead to a lot of anxiety, which is why you should stay off unofficial channels for information on coronavirus. The link given above will help you get real time updates on the number of cases in the country.

Read the News!

Keep Kids engaged with home school activities

For those of you with preschoolers, or other young kids, it is best to keep them engaged with educational learning games as part of home school activities. You can come up with custom activities of your own to keep your kids busy at home and occupied.

Children's Drawings put up on the wall
Children's Creativity

Life in quarantine can be manageable with the right attitude and a positive mindset. Use the tips to get through life at home while having as much fun as possible!

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