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Audio Social Networking with

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Audio Social Networking

The other day I was listening to this podcast and fell into this rabbit hole of audio platforms and everything they have to offer. I came across the concept of audio social networking and found it interesting. The sole medium of voice is used in such networking with voice chats, voice recordings, and voice messages helping people connect.

I came across and found their platform to be really interesting. So I got in touch with the good folks at the platform to talk more about what they have to offer. Here is a snippet of our email interaction.

1. Breakout is in a unique social media space called Social Audio. Can we know more about this Niche space and what makes Breakout stand apart?

Breakout Audio App is all about providing the power of free speech to the internet! Unlike other audio/conversation and audio room applications on the web - breakout provides more features and an interesting integration of the search engine in the app.

Users can not only create audio rooms on the app to have healthy, insightful and constructive conversations - they can also share posts in the form of images and audio messages.

Breakout Audio App

Bee Search - the integrated search engine on the Breakout Audio app helps users fact-check things before they share information on the platform or check the content they are consuming via an audio room. This way, the spread of misinformation can be stopped.

On top of that, creating paid rooms to generate revenue for creators, having the option to chat in the app, posting live updates, uploading engaging Audio Hooks (a feature where an audio story will remain on the platform for 24 hours), and so on is provided within the one package. It’s time to say goodbye to scrolling up and down with the thumb and invest time in insightful conversations with Breakout.

2. Is the social media space underdeveloped, overlooked, or just ahead of its time?

The motive behind creating Breakout Audio App is to make people talk, give them the freedom to express themselves, create audio communities, do fact checking and engage without the boundaries of crazy social media algorithms.

We would say, we are moving along with our users and their needs. The ability to host open (social) audio rooms, private rooms, paid rooms to earn revenue from their content and even branded rooms for brands allows the internet to move away from overcrowded traditional social media platforms.

In a world where social media marketers are trying to catch as many eyeballs as possible with hook and crook, Breakout provides freedom to creators to create content with their knowledge and inclusiveness.

3. Does Breakout have text chat features?

Yes, Breakout has the option to chat within the live audio rooms and even with the users on the app. To add a layer of security, a user can only send a chat to someone if both of them follow each other.

4. What do you envision for Breakout in the next 5 years?

Breakout is working on growing the audio networking platform to the next big social media. Thus, our focus is to build a better experience for users in the coming years and provide more features that can help creators hosting their audio communities bigger.

We are also working on Audio Creator Marketplace, which will help connect the right talent with the brands to achieve better ROI with influencer collaborations.

5. Could you describe Breakout in three words what would they be? What movies could best describe its growth journey and its functionality?

Networking is easy!

Movie - The Martian (the way the lead actor does not end up trying to thrive on a new space/planet and his team gives every little push to make things work and get him back to planet Earth. It kinda resonates how we face and come out from new challenges, learn, and iterate on our products.)

CEO and Co-founder: Cody Harvey ( )

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