Assassin thriller with cliches: Ava(2020) Movie Review

Updated: Jun 25

Ava tells the story of a professional assassin, the best in her line of work. Ava is meticulous in her craft, unstoppable and deadly, but when a job goes wrong, her whole world starts spinning out of control. She doesn’t know if she has become a target herself and she’s not sure who to trust while trying to make amends with the people in her life who seem to be making everything even more difficult.


Judging by the movie poster, this is supposed to be an action flick, and I guess, strictly speaking, it could be described as such. However, the movie wants to tell so many side stories that are supposed to give the context of Ava’s character, that it loses itself. Ava’s relationship with her passive-aggressive mother, sister, and an ex, who’s dating her sister now, as well as Ava’s past addiction, are all convincing. They really do provide an excellent insight into why she struggles so much with her past.

Jessica Chastain as Ava in the Movie
Jessica Chastain as Ava

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The problem is, in an attempt to give us this insight, the movie loses its course and fails to develop and deliver an actual action plot. I guess this could be attributed to the director’s desire to avoid the typical cliche action movie plots, but it loses the balance and the viewer is left confused with what it is that the movie is actually trying to accomplish. It’s also not very difficult to assume from the beginning who’s the bad guy and what the ending will be like.

It seems like the parts that deal with Ava’s job was subsequently added in between the ones that deal with her problematic relationships just because it is supposed to be an action movie. The family drama takes too much space for an action film. While it is developed and it does serve the story, it causes the balance of the movie to shift as the supporting elements become more important and engaging than the main ones. The action part of the plot is unconvincing and unauthentic, especially the fighting scenes, leaving the viewer not caring too much about that side of the story and instead of wanting to focus on the family drama.