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Learn to Write Copy with Harry Dry's Marketing Examples

Updated: Jan 6

Harry Dry is not your usual social media influencer, he's a marketing specialist who has taken it upon himself to evangelize great marketing practices. His blog Marketing Examples tells you how to write effective copy and spearhead marketing efforts at your job, side hustle, or sharpen business communication in general.

There is also his latest addition Copywriting examples that is focused exclusively on copywriting.

The name of the blog alone shows the no-frills nature of his take on marketing, getting to the heart of the matter with the least number of keystrokes. His weekly newsletter is a major selling point of his blog where he sends you fresh copywriting tips, and new perspectives on marketing once a week.

I got a chance to talk to him in 2020 and ask him a few questions about his blog Marketing Examples:

1. Are you studying or working?

Work full-time on Marketing Examples.

2. Is marketing examples generating revenue currently?

$3000 / month from sponsors ( as of September 2020)

3. Five tips to surely generate revenue from content

Don't think about generating revenue from content at the start. You could put in the work and do your time. Build an audience and money will take care of itself.

4. What are your other hobbies?

I like tennis, football, boxing, and yoga :)

Harry Dry's Marketing Examples: 5. What marketing tools do you swear by?

You don't need any tools. There's far too much obsession with tools. I use EmailOctopus to send emails and Ahrefs every now and then to help my organic traffic. But honestly, don't waste time on tools

6. Ever freelance for someone? Any tips on freelancing?

I have. Go the extra mile. Everything is word of mouth. So if you do a good job you'll get recommended!

7. The best platforms or social media channels to share your content?

You don't want to rely on other people's channels. Focus on a newsletter. That's the only channel you truly own. Then social media. But it's better to go big on one channel than spread yourself thinly across 5. Growth compounds. Stay the course!

If you want to learn more about why he loves marketing and how he uses it to help people achieve their business goals then you can always reach Harry Dry's Marketing Examples on Twitter or Instagram.

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1 Comment

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Adam Stephens
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