Love and Monsters (2020) Movie Review

Considering the current global climate with a dangerous virus, a movie about an apocalypse brought on by monsters threatening mankind at every step is just the right kind of flick. And yes, it’s a movie about the journey of self-discovery in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse. While it may not be the most original premise you might expect, the execution is done surprisingly well. It’s an adventure/action family film directed by Michael Matthews, the South African director of Five Fingers for Marseilles, a film nominated for Best Achievement in Directing - Feature Film at 2017 South African Film and Television Awards.


The doomsday asteroid approaching the Earth forces mankind to clear it with nuclear weapons leaving behind disastrous consequences. The radiation causes terrible mutations in people, turning them into deadly monsters who start killing the remaining humans. With 95% of the world’s population wiped out, the survivors were forced into underground bunkers called the colonies.

Joel Dawson, a member of one of these colonies and the central character of the movie, is not your typical tough post-apocalyptic hero. Not even close. In the face of danger, when everybody else reaches for their weapons, he freezes like a deer in headlights. Before the apocalypse, Joel had the coolest, prettiest girlfriend and the world was heart-shaped. But when the monsters started appearing, the couple had to separate with a promise of reuniting one day. Seven years later, Joel decides that looking for Aimee is a noble romantic quest he needs to embark on. What Joel thinks is going to be a love quest, turns out to be an adventure that will turn this scared, but lovable guy, into a person worthy of the hero status.

As Joel sets out to reunite with his girl, he makes friends with an adorable dog who becomes his sidekick, as well as with two other survivors on their way to a safe place and a robot Maves. There’s a strange fascination with robots in this film and this particular one is especially kind. He perfectly describes the possible outcomes of this brave journey of Joel’s: When you see her, she will appreciate the grand romantic gesture implied by your journey and be moved by your kindness and leadership qualities…Another option is that Aimee will not see those qualities in you and you will have traveled a great distance only to be met with disappointment.