Moonbase 8 - Showtime Series Review (On Voot Select)

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Moonbase 8 is a comedy series that takes place in a desert in Arizona where NASA has set up a base for three astronaut hopefuls to conduct lunar co-habitation experiments. It premiered on November the 8th, 2020 and so far, seven episodes have been released. The three astronauts desperately trying to complete the mission are portrayed by John C. Reilly, Tim Heidecker, and Fred Armisen as their characters face different challenges that come with isolation.

Moonbase 8 Showtime Series Review
The First Four- Moonbase 8. Image Credit - Voot Select


It’s a very simple premise- three astronauts train and conduct research in a lunar simulated base to qualify for a Moon mission. We follow their day-to-day activities as they try to overcome the obstacles, both personal and professional, to achieve their goal. The story is set against is a static desert environment and surprisingly monotonous tasks. So, the show relies on the comedic aspect and the chemistry of the cast to keep the viewers engaged and tell the story.

Moonbase 8 Showtime Series Review
Cutting Edge Testing on Moonbase 8. Image Credit - Voot Select

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At first glance, the series may seem a bit slow and boring, but if you pay closer attention, you’ll realize that the pace of the story, its flat humor, and non-exciting plot twists are another way of showing how much these astronauts actually struggle. Put in a remote area, with no human contact other than with each other, they struggle with loneliness, self-doubt, and boredom.

Moonbase 8 Showtime Series Review