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Netflix Original Movie Red Notice - Another Joyless Cashgrab

Updated: May 10

Why is it that 9 out of 10 movies that are streaming originals don't even come close to an average movie made for a theater release? The Netflix Original Movie Red Notice is one such "gem" that is not destined to spawn any franchises or even have a fan following.

So far there is not one made-for-streaming movie that we can recall in our collective memory to be a hit or even made a lasting impact.

Ryan Reynolds, Gal Godot and Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice Netflix Original Movie
Awesome Threesome

Netflix's strength was always its series franchises from Stranger Things, Ozark, and The Crown to Orange Is the New Black and Lupin. The same is the case for Amazon Prime Video and other streaming networks.

So why even try making movies? why not stick to the formula that's tried and tested? It's probably to diversify their entertainment offerings and compete with in-theater releases.

Also, it gives their audiences an option to tune out for a couple of hours and walk away with a complete plot instead of entertainment on an EMI basis and without plot closure.

The three Golden Eggs in Netflix Original Movie Red Notice
The Three Golden Eggs - Dwayne, Gal and Ryan

Dwyane Johnson seems to be in half the Hollywood movies out now or currently in production and Ryan Reynolds is doing great as well. Also, Gal Godot seems to be the face of DC currently, with a few sequels in the pipeline.

Netflix looks like they have capitalized on this trio's current cache in Tinsel Town to bang out a mindless action flick that will get the combined fans of the stars to watch the movie.

Plot - Netflix Original Movie Red Notice

The plot here is not rocket surgery, it is one straight-up good guy chasing down two not-so-evil bad people/anti-heroes. Basically, it involves a heist where Ryan is a conman Dwayne is an FBI profiler and Gal Godot is an art thief of international proportions.

Tweet by Dwayne Johnson about Netflix Original Movie Red Notice
Dwayne's world- Tweet from twitter handle of the Rock

The cast is interesting though and almost feels like a sequel to Hobbs and Shaw if it weren't for Gal Godot's appearance in the movie.

There was also the Netflix original movie 6 Underground which had Ryan Reynolds in it as the lead and the trailer feels like an amorphous mash-up of both the movies mentioned above.

Ryan Reynolds in Netflix Original Movie Red Notice
You Got Me! It's a Cash grab!

A red notice is a request to global law enforcement authorities to track down and arrest a person until they are extradited, tried, or subjected to other legal actions. Dwayne Johnson is out to hunt down Ryan Reynolds and Gal Godot and arrest them.

The twist is probably predictable and it is that both the "villains" are actually virtuous people who are trying to do good or have heartwarming backstories. Another variation could be that Ryan and Gal are deep undercover and Dwayne joins forces to help complete their collective mission.

Should You Watch It? - Meh, Maybe

Considering the effort that has gone into making this movie and what its end goal is, you are better off watching an average movie meant for the theaters.

But if you already have a Netflix subscription and need mindless entertainment for 2 hours, it won't hurt to stream it on your phone when you're bored.

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