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No Time to Die: Stale Bollinger in a Shiny New Bottle

Updated: Jan 8

Daniel Craig deserved to go out with a bang but ended up finishing on a whimper with No Time to Die. The trailer is wildly misleading when it comes to the pace of the movie, promising the audience a fast-paced spy thriller. What we end up with however is a bunch of strained cliches and metaphors.

No Time to Die - Movie Review
No Time to Die - Better Left Unwatched

The Plot of No Time to Die

Anyone who has watched the past few Bond movies will know in a few minutes, that the house of bond is at the recycling stage. They have stitched together older plots with one or two action sequences, hoping that nobody will notice.

Exhibit A is given below - the standard bond villain. In this case, it is a cross between Renard in "The World is not Enough" and the phantom in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

No Time to Die Movie Review
The Masked Villain Cliché

The ominous killer approaching the victim unawares is another trope that plays out across most action genres that they have used here.

Next, is the pace at which this movie plays out - glacial at best, the movie drags on without any hint of a substantial plot. The action sequence with Ana de Armas is really good however, not enough to save how stretchy the movie gets in parts. You can predict each and every part of the movie, except a few unexpected explosions that aren't that great, to begin with.

The Cast

The cast is completely underutilized in this pointless flick about Bond trying to set the world right with a big sacrifice. Lashana Lynch is there for a few inconsequential scenes, spouting anemic dialogue where silence would have been better.

Ana de Armas shines as an action star in this hopeless phone-it-in performance by Daniel Craig. Rami Malek is again wasted in this epic fail of a Bond movie where he barely gets any on-screen time. Badly scripted and poorly directed, this movie can't be saved by editing alone.

Should You Watch It? - Please Don't!

One of the most over-hyped and under-entertaining movies in a long time, No Time to Die is not worth a pricey movie ticket. Wait until it is available in your OTT subscriptions to be disappointed at less cost.

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