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Ted Lasso (Apple Original Series)- A Heartwarming Sitcom

Jason Sudeikis in a dramatic role is the USP of the Ted Lasso Apple TV Original Series and not something that you would want to miss! After Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass and We're the Millers, you'll be shocked to see a more serious side of the comedian.

Ted Lasso Apple Original Series Review
Sincere Comedy - Ted Lasso

The trailers and the clips shown on late-night chat shows gave me the impression that Ted Lasso would be another mindless yet hilarious comedy. The first few minutes of S1E1 did nothing to change my mind about the same. But as I continued to watch, it began to get better and better until it was amazing.


Ted Lasso is a salt-of-the-earth American Football coach who seeks to make his name in English football. Seeming to be in over his head, Lasso tries to face challenges head-on, with a smile on his face, a song on his lips, and a spring in his step. As he gets closer to success his personal issues come to the fore, revealing more about why he made such a big career switch.

The only antagonist in this series is circumstance, whether it is the multi-millionaire owner of the football club who is handling her divorce badly or Lasso with his personal issues that could fill a tour bus.

Ted Lasso Apple Original Series Review
Any room for issues?

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Lasso takes his new football team and untangles their issues like a ball of earphone cables, transforming their lives to build a stronger bond between each other. Sudeikis' Lasso does a great job of making the US actually likable, with his folksy midwestern charm and massive heart. The whole series has Lasso thawing people's hearts, getting them to warm up to him, and changing their life forever in the process.

Ted Lasso with his Assistant coaches
Nathan and Coach Beard with Lasso

Its nice to see how Lasso gets along with his assistant coach and the brotherly bond they share. They share a long history of working together leading to endless inside jokes (which the audience will get) and callbacks. The deadpan humor of Lasso's assistant coach Beard is priceless and is a huge reason why I looked forward to every episode. He also serves as the perfect foil to Lasso, bringing out the subtle character traits of the titular protagonist.

One thing about this series is that everything is wrapped neatly in a bow, at least until the end of Season 1. There are amicable break-ups, tons of personal growth, and no ugly unresolved conflicts. Everyone walks away smiling, without any grudges, and the good guy always wins, which in this case involves turning anyone with bad intentions into a cuddle bunny. This might be a tad too unrealistic, but considering how good the series actually is, the audience might let that slide.


The clear stars of the show are Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca the fuming divorcee, and Brendan Hunt as coach Beard. Hannah is an established actor and singer with a history in musical theater.

Ted Lasso with his boss
Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca

Brendan Hunt is the co-creator and writer of the show and has played small but memorable cameos in Horrible Bosses 2 and We're the Millers. Other familiar faces are the stunning Andrea Anders known for comedic roles and Keeley Jones who played the friend of Catwoman in Nolan's The Dark Knight. Also you would have come across Nick Mohammad as the shy teamster Nathan and Brett Goldstein as the gruff captain.

Should You Watch it? - Yes!

A great sitcom with a big heart, you can either binge watch it at one go or take it one episode at a time. Season 2 is out now with a new episode every week. If you are looking for series that's a feel-good watch then, this is the one for you.

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