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The Good Doctor Netflix Series - Raising Awareness About the Autism Spectrum

Updated: Jan 8

After Atypical, it was nice to see another take on Autism with The Good Doctor Netflix series. This is about how a person on the (autism) spectrum goes about in a work environment and life outside of work.

Now that Netflix has covered childhood and being a young adult with autism, they can go on to cover what happens with middle-aged and senior citizens on the spectrum.

The Good Doctor Netflix Series
The Good Doctor Netflix Series

Plot: The Good Doctor Netflix Series

The plot of this series revolves around how Shaun navigates life as a person on the spectrum. It follows his life and the lives he touches while working at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

If you try to binge-watch this series you might find it monotonous, preachy, or just plain boring. This is maybe true for most shows, but The Good Doctor impresses on people the value of empathy in one way or the other.

Freddie Highmore plays the role of Dr. Shaun Murphy with Richard Schiff as his mentor and guardian angel, Dr. Aaron Glassman. The series explores how the life of Sean Murphy who is on the spectrum, evolves from childhood to being an adult. They do this by bringing in flashbacks of Sean's life as a kid, and how things were harder for him than most.

The Good Doctor Netflix Series
Young Shaun

The accuracy of the medical procedures shown was up to snuff, at least according to this YouTuber doctor who reviewed the first episode of the first season. It's interesting to see how people on the spectrum go through the same problems as neurotypicals, but just in a more intense fashion.

For example, Murphy keeps feeling suffocated by Glassman's oversight, until he takes the advice of his peers to break free and make his own mistakes.

The Good Doctor Netflix Series Review
Shaun and Glassman

Shaun Murphy breaking new ground in terms of racing out to people, making new connections, and building his life one person at a time is a recurring theme in this series. We

The soundtrack of the show is really good and sets the right mood for the viewers. The background score manages the series' tempo well and gets the audience into the mindset of the scene.

The Cast of The Good Doctor Netflix Series

The cast of this series is one of the strong points of the whole thing with a mix of well-known actors such as Richard Schiff and some fresh ones such as Nicholas Gonzalez. Gonzalez plays Neil Melendez the head of surgical residents at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

It's nice to see the chemistry between Richard Schiff and his actual wife Sheila Kelly play out onscreen, where Sheila plays a baker within the hospital. Among familiar faces is Beau Garett as Preston, Will Yun Lee as ex-cop turned Dr. Alex Park, and Tamilyn Tomita as Allegra Aoki.

The Good Doctor Netflix Series
Beau Garett as Jessica Preston

The on-screen chemistry between the characters is great to watch especially as it contrasts with Shaun's unique outlook on human interaction. Paige Spara plays the role of Shaun's love interest well as the whimsical free spirit that is Lea.

Should You Watch It? - Yes

This is a great show with a better cast and a good plot device. You can watch this series one episode at a time to ensure you enjoy it. But definitely set some time aside for this show and it might actually make you a better person.



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