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Top 5 Hollywood Movie Trailers Out Now

Here are some of the trailers for the best movies in 2020 yet to come:

Booming, dark bass notes accompanied by Gal Godot's raspy narration starts off this epic DC trailer. With the next few techno notes you're immediately transported to the 80's. The trailer for this movie stands on its own, with people being able to understand what Wonder Woman is about without even watching the first movie. But those who HAVE watched it will find it all the more exciting - Steve hands in a Casio watch reminding the viewers of the first time he did something similar. There's also this scene which reminds one of how Steve introduced her to the modern world, only this time it is Diana helping Steve catch up on lost time.

Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Armour in WW 1984 Movie
Wonder Woman Gal Godot

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There are a lot of plot elements teased in this trailer with the possibility of Wonder Woman facing off against her arch-enemy, and also probably losing Steve again. The first scene sees Diana Prince talking to the shy Barbara Ann Minerva who would transform into her super villain alter-ego "Cheetah." Diana seen "riding lightning" for the first time as she is the daughter of Zeus, and she is also seen sporting the Golden Eagle armor, giving her the ability of flight.

Hope the movie lives up to the trailer's promise!

A Christopher Nolan film usually is amazing - The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Prestige, Inception are some of my favourites. His movies revolve around great plots and even better execution through screenplay and cinematography.

This movie is supposed to deal with time, or the manipulation thereof. The trailer revolves around a probable soldier/spy character who is supposedly is brought back from death. The movie will probably see an OGA or Other Government Agency attempting to stop a world-ending event through control of time.

The Biochemist Michael Morbius is seen trying to overcome his illness with risky research and a super grunge look. This Marvel movie is an attempt to bring a never before seen character to life on the big screen. Jared Leto's Morbius looks pretty good in the trailer, definitely more fitting than his Joker portrayal, which was good, bbut could have been better.

The trailer basically shows how Michael Morbius goes from being a disease stricken recluse to a bat gene infused anti-hero. Its definitely worth a watch, take a look!

A Quiet Place was an amazing alien invasion movie starring the husband wife duo - John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. The trailer of A Quiet Place Part II gives you a peek at the chaos of D-Day, when the sound-navigating aliens kick-started their reign of terror. It then fast forwards to current day when the family is making its way out to a new place without the father.

Looks interesting, and teases a change of personality, post the alien apocalypse when the stranger sheltering Emily Blunt says, the people who are surviving are not worth saving.

If you're looking for entertainment Tom Cruise' movies are a sure thing. With Top Gun Maverick, you will get to re-live the magic of the Original, including new faces -Jennifer Connelly and John Hamm which will definitely make things more interesting. You are bound to find out what Maverick has been doing all these years, and how he plans to train the next generation of US fighter pilots.

Once the lockdown is lifted, be sure to watch these! Until then stay safe, stay home!

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