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Why Money Heist Season 5 is a Must-Watch!

Updated: May 10

The hype around Money Heist Season 5 proves that it has achieved cult status without a doubt. The language barrier has been eviscerated by providing English audio and subtitles, with me using the audio for a seamless viewing experience.

Money Heist first aired on a Spanish network named Antena 3 for 15 episodes followed by Netflix scooping it up for multiple seasons. Given below is the fanfare surrounding this popular series and all that the fans can expect from what would be the final season of the heist saga.

The Hype Machine that is Money Heist Season 5

There is a company in India based out of Jaipur City that is actually giving a day off for its employees to binge-watch the entire season! If that isn't cool, then I don't know what is! Here is an image of the letter that was forwarded to their employees:

Vervelogic company policy on Money Heist

There is also a very colorful promo video released by Netflix India called The Money Heist Fan Anthem set to the tune of Bella Ciao albeit with an Indian twist. There are appearances from Bollywood stars such as Anil Kapoor, Rana Daggubati, Vikrant Massey, Shruti Haasan, and a lot more.

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An unfortunate addition to the two excellent pieces of marketing/publicity given above is the cringe-worthy product push by Pepsi starring Tiger Shroff with nothing much to offer. Blunt and blatant product placement with scriptwriting of kindergarten standards is not fun to watch, and it fails even as a parody.

What Fans Expect from Money Heist Season 5

Season 5 of La Casa de Papel ended on a major cliffhanger coupled with many questions that were left unanswered. Here are some burning questions that die-hard fans of this awesome series will want to be answered:

1. What will happen to the Professor?

Considering the tough spot that the Professor was in at the end of Season 4, fans wonder whether he will make it till the end of the latest season. Alicia Sierra, the inspector who was after the Professor's blood will now play a major part in whether he survives this heist.

Alicia is cruel, calculated, and has an axe to grind, with a warrant out on her arrest by the Spanish government. While she may have lost favor with her employers, she has enough rage in her to change the course of the Money Heist saga for better or worse.

2. Will Denver and Monica's love story have a happy ending?

Even though Denver and Monica were happy as a clam when they started off as a couple, issues began to crop up with the latest heist. It started with the disagreeing on whether Monica should be involved at all and ended with both of them begrudgingly agreeing to be together during this adventure.

With their relationship currently under a lot of strain, the presence of Arturo, her previous boss, and her love interest might cause additional problems.

4. Will Arturo redeem himself in his own eyes?

Arturo has proven time and again to be a narcissist who seems to struggle with his identity and his place in life. He's a blowhard who unintentionally makes a joke of himself whenever he tries to do something that he thinks is meaningful.

In the last season, we saw him do despicable things among the other hostages and try to worm his way into the pack of hostages by claiming to be their savior. This wild card of a character can just as easily overturn the Professor's plan without even trying.

3. Will we see more of Berlin through Flashbacks?

Berlin has always been something of an enigma for the fans of Money Heist. He seems to be muddled with psychotic tendencies and has a unique take on life in general.

We know that he loves the Professor and was an integral part of the heist team, but what made him the man that he was? What drove him to such extremes and is his stoic mannerisms a result of the company he kept or his unconventional upbringing?

For fans of the Money Heist series, watching it is a no-brainer. When it comes to noobs, I recommend you go through the seasons chronologically before seeing what should be an explosive finale.

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