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TVF Series Review: Yeh Meri Family

Netflix is known to be a pioneer in providing original content. So what do I find when I'm browsing through its latest offerings - a series which syncs up perfectly with my school days. Yeh Meri Family ( This is my Family) is a light hearted take on the days just before cellphones took the joy out of meeting people in person.

It revolves around a typical Indian Middle Class family in the 90's which tries to get from one day to the next with a smile on its face. What reels you in, is the mention of Talespin, Duck Tales, Tinkle and Chacha Choudhary. In those days Sabu (Chacha Chaudhary) and Doga took the place of Hulk and Venom. Amar Chitra Katha was our Marvel and DC Multiverse. And spicy chats in the evening were our intercontinental cuisine.

One episode within this series chronicles the importance of one's Birthday when you were in school. How were were King for a day. You get to shed the uniform for a colour dress, use the day as your annual get out of jail free card - no school punishments. Everyone's nice to you, and you are basically exempt from the laws that govern society! It also shows how your life as a kid hinges on your parents moods and how creative you would get to raise money for a weekend or a friend's meet. 

Yeh Meri Family is a delightful trip into the treasures of your childhood, and anyone hankering for a much simpler time devoid of cell phones and social media should sit back and enjoy this feast of simplicity.

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