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A Thousand Suns Anthology- A Visual Spectacle by Black Milk Studios

Updated: May 17

A Thousand Suns Science Fiction Anthology

A Thousand Suns anthology series is a demon baby of every high-concept show you have ever seen across networks and platforms. As I was watching this series it made me wonder why they put so much effort into just a few minutes when they could have just developed a full-scale movie. But when I look at it from a story point of view each episode is a self-contained universe.

I would say the mix of this sci-fi short film anthology is as follows:

Black Mirror (40%)

Oats Studios Short (10%)

Each episode has so much detail and layers that you need to watch each episode at least twice before you can understand the super-dense nature of this content.

A Thousand Suns Anthology Trailer

The trailer is a mish-mash of what is already a microcosm of science fiction tales set in timelines and locations that are impossible to discern. You get a really small taste of the immense experiences you will undergo when watching the anthology.

The intro video in itself generates so many emotions in quick succession that it is brilliant. Some transitions remind me of The Ring video which is unsettling but the visuals of the intro are all about space and celestial bodies. This invokes a profound sense of urgency about what you are going to watch next.

The one thing that can describe the content here is the situation where your body is pumping a lot of adrenaline. In such situations, various futures present themselves to you as fleeting visuals and lasting emotions that form distinct memories in an instant.

A Thousand Suns anthology is like TikTok videos for sci-fi except they have a complete storyline in each episode with a definite start, middle, and end. Each of these episodes can be successfully expanded into a full-length feature film without missing a beat. Of course, it will take a lot of work, good quality writing, and the same quality of effects used for these micro-movies.

Since the videos themselves are no longer than a few minutes each, I will not be elaborating much on the plot of each episode.

About the Creators

Black Milk Studios

Black Milk Studios is a cool studio that creates content to deliver social impact and enlighten us about the human condition through strong visuals and a great story.

Miguel de Olaso Macgregor is the legendary filmmaker behind this anthology about whom I can't wait to learn more.

Episode 1- ICE

A sole astronaut is sent to survey a planet and see if it is inhabitable. He may or may not encounter native or non-native life on the planet which leads to interesting developments. The special effects in this episode would make the MCU jealous of their capabilities - they are that good.


Special Effects - 9/10

Production Value - 10/10

Plot - 6/10

Episode 2 - RED

A humanoid being is being questioned by a planetary or galactic authority about an action committed by them that is perceived to be hostile. What follows is completely bizarre and spectacular.


Special Effects - 9/10

Production Value - 10/10

Plot - 7/10

Episode 3 - EXODUS

This is scary a bit in the manner that The Zone of Interest is scary in that it can be a reality that we could face. In the not-too-distant future on our planet, we have found a way to repopulate other places in the galaxy.

The challenge however is to streamline the flow of people from the Earth to the stars. Extremely dark in a way that you might need a few minutes to recover from watching this gut-wrenching episode.


Special Effects - 7/10

Production Value - 8/10

Plot - 9/10

Episode 4 - DEAL

This is the best episode in terms of plot and production value. It shows the journey of a mysterious traveler on a quest of great importance while being tailed by either an alien or a supernatural entity. Also, you are not sure what planet the protagonist is on and the species of the lead.


Special Effects - 9/10

Production Value - 10/10

Plot - 9/10

Episode 5 - BUG

This micro tale is probably set in current-day Earth where a caretaker or a relative of a person enters her home only to see something terrible has happened. This involves delicious body horror that is best left to discover on your own.


Special Effects - 8/10

Production Value - 9/10

Plot - 8/10

Episode 6 - Tomorrow land

The second dystopian episode in this series apart from Exodus, Tomorrow land shows us what it's like when God abandons humanity and we are left to our devices. Set on the lines of Exodus, although not as horrifying, it is definitely in equal parts depressing and dark.


Special Effects - 7/10

Production Value - 7/10

Plot - 8/10

Should You Watch This? You Just Did!

Haha. Each of these episodes is no longer than 10 minutes and each of them is visually spectacular with plots that can be legitimately expanded into unbelievable full-length feature films.

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