Reasons Why Marvel is a Cinematic Juggernaut

Updated: May 8

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is doing very well at the moment with everyone chanting the names of the Avengers. I myself being an ardent fan of the MCU am awaiting the next installment Infinity War. Now everyone knows who Superman and Batman is, regardless of age and gender. This was the case for several decades - because DC comics is a much older entity with a more established and older fanbase. So why is a Franchise which is relatively new scoring better at the box office? I suspect it's because of the reasons given below:

1. Marvel is new, fresh, and light hearted.

It's nice to delve into the dark world of DC with Batman every once a while. But the MCU prides itself on churning out more optimistic story arcs with lesser gore and laces it's heavier storylines with humour and hope. I mean who doesn't enjoy a few laughs. DC on the other hand has dry and darker tones of humour with lesser comic relief through characters.

2. Marvel takes its time to flesh out characters.

Each character brought out by MCU has several layers to it. There is a dedicated movie to d