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Marvel's Morbius Could Have Been Saved: Here's How

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Marvel's Morbius is a character with a lot of depth in Marvel comics as an anti-hero torn between good and evil. Michael Morbius struggles with his inner demons to do what's right while fighting the urge to be sinister. But Marvel has invested 11 years in making Endgame, so hey! why bother with a good plot when CGI and loud noises keep the masses entertained.

Marvel's Morbius
Monster 1: Michael Morbius


Basically, a genius turns into a monster, who then uses the monster to subdue a greater evil. That's the whole premise of this incredibly "complex" movie. If you can listen to the audio of a movie alone and make sense of it without missing a beat, then that movie does not have a good plot and probably comes with worse execution.

The details of the people in the movie are completely extraneous: Michael Morbius a doctor of medicine, invents synthetic blood as part of his effort to find a cure for his own rare blood illness. When he uses vampire bat blood to cross his genes with those of the critters, he turns into a vampire himself, albeit with super abilities.

MCU Morbius
Monster no. 2: Milo

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Somewhere along the way his wealthy and apparently unethical friend Milo chances upon the cure and uses it on himself to become monster no. 2. Now monster 1 battles monster 2 and wins. That's about it.

How to fix this simplistic mess of a Marvel movie

Morbius needs a bigger "WHY" than just killing off a friend who went bad. The MCU could have connected this cookie-cutter movie plot to something bigger in the larger multiverse - maybe the Kang timeline from the Loki series.

Poor critic score on Rotten Tomatoes
Poor critic score on Rotten Tomatoes

Considering Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture makes an appearance in the end credits, he could also have gotten a visit from the TVA. He would then have to choose whether he would team up with the Vulture or risk something bigger, helping the TVA and Loki bring down Kang.

The MCU is where heroes often find redemption through sacrifice and helping others find their purpose in the grander scheme of things. Let's look at Thor's story arc, his character has seen consistent growth and right now is on a hiatus in search of meaning after all the tragedy in his life. This will pay off in Love and Thunder that's coming up.

If Marvel can provide a similar journey of self-discovery for Morbius, things should become tolerable at least.

The Future of Morbius

Considering that Morbius can join an evil super league from a character that comes from a universe with better storylines, things can get better. The Sinister Six can bring in some good plots and better character development than superhero find - superhero kill.

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