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Top 5 Loki TV Series Fan theories

With Marvel lining up all its series to be released in 2021, there are some great fan theories predicting what’s gonna happen in the Loki TV series:

Loki TV series
Loki TV series

The Loki from the Loki TV series creates a realistic projection for the Thanos to kill

If we know anything about Loki, it’s that he always has a way out of any sticky situation. That being said, Loki’s end in Infinity War was super anti-climactic. I mean, Loki HAD to know that a tiny knife wasn’t going to make much of a difference to Thanos while rocking an infinity stone! Being one of the most skilled illusionists and magicians in Norse mythology and Marvel in general, Loki could have done way better.

Loki TV series
There's GOT to be more to this

The god of mischief might have pulled a Loki like in Thor: The Dark World. But this time it just might have been more elaborate with the use of magical props, to make it seem like Thanos got him.

The god of mischief let Thanos kill him on purpose in Infinity War

This theory runs counter to the one mentioned above - Yes, Loki did let Thanos end him, but with an ulterior motive. He knew the only way to meet Odin and the other elder gods in Valhalla was to die for a noble cause.

Loki planned to consult the other gods in Valhalla and return to existence with a supernatural army of his forefathers to fight as Aragorn did in the LOTR saga. Another way this could play out is Loki being willed back into existence at a time and timeline of his choosing with added magical ability and powers.

Various avatars to be expected in the Loki TV series!

Loki is known for his shape-shifting abilities which are mostly complex illusions. But what we can expect with absolute certainty are multiple versions of Loki (remember Cap v Cap in Endgame?). Except the Loki-verse is bound to be ultra-colorful!

Loki TV series
Loki with new friends and glad tidings

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Parallel universes may contain Loki as a woman, as a child, I half-expect him to turn up as other sentient species as well - Rick and Morty style.

Y’all might meet Kid Loki! (not the Thor one)

Wanda Vision opened up the possibilities of showcasing the Young Avengers. Billy and Tommy have virtually been confirmed as Wiccan and Speed towards the end of the series. Unless this was a one-off easter egg (nothing is ever one-off with Marvel), the rest of the Young Avengers are bound to turn up in quick succession. We already know Kate Bishop is going to take on the mantle of Hawkeye in the Disney+ TV series. Another powerhouse poised to pounce into action is America Chavez or Miss America set to debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Loki TV series
Kid Loki in the comics

Kid Loki as referenced above, has a richer backstory with Loki being reborn somehow without any memories of his past life. He goes on to be raised by Thor as a hero to fight alongside the Young Avengers. The real mystery is whether this will be the prelude to a new series or a part of the existing Marvel canon.

Loki with the sceptre
stone-hog much?

Laufey’s son might grab another infinity stone to cause more mischief

Loki got a taste of power beginning with the mind stone in The Avengers followed quickly, at the end of the movie (timeline-wise) with the space stone. The very next event shows Loki being apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in the trailer of the Loki TV series. This could mean Loki busting out again through the use of another infinity stone. Some fans believe it is the time stone that Loki will use to shut the TVA down and run amok.

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