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Marvel Studios' Hawkeye Series: A Feel-Good Christmas Miracle

Updated: May 9

After the tragic gut punch that was Black-Widow's backstory, Marvel Studios' Hawkeye series is a welcome breath of fresh air in these troubled times. The first two episodes are out on Disney+ and they look very promising indeed.

Going by the feel of the first two episodes and anticipating a similar vibe through the next few episodes, this series is bound to be a fun ride.

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye series poster
Marvel Studios' Hawkeye series

Plot of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye Series

It is the present day in the Marvel Universe, and Clint Barton is making up for lost time with his adorable family. Meanwhile, there's Kate Bishop, a privileged 1 %er whose daddy was killed by the Chitauri during the 2012 invasion but is living her best life as an overachiever.

Aspiring to be like her hero Hawkeye, she takes on martial arts and archery classes to be prepared for the next time her interstellar neighbors knock on her door.

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye Marvel Studios' Hawkeye TV series
Never Shoot with Your Heroes?

Long story short, Hawkeye made tons of enemies as his pugilistic alter-alter-ego Ronin the ninja assassin, and now the past has caught up with him. Along for the ride is Kate Bishop, the Batman wannabe and one of the cutest dogs onscreen.

Golden Retriever named Lucky The Pizza Dog  in Hawkeye Series
The Hawkeye Dog :)

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This series moves away from the heavy issues that were dealt with in Endgame and tries to keep things light. Although you do see Clint struggling with PTSD and the loss of his best friend. Everything from the festive Christmas background score to generous shots of Xmas festivities lets you know that it's meant for light viewing.

Rogers The Musical in the Hawkeye TV series
The self-aware MCU

I thought it was completely delightful that while they are self-aware, Marvel decided to go in a more cheerful direction this time. Although the Rogers musical was a bit much, and I guess that's the MCU making fun of itself which just adds to the humor.

Cast and Characters

Hailee Steinfeld is a great choice for the role of Kate Bishop along with Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop her mother. Linda Cardellini reprises her role as Laura Barton along with the rest of the Bartons - Ava Russo as Lila, Ben Sakamoto as Cooper, and Cade Woodward as Nathaniel Pietro Barton.

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye Series
Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

If you need help remembering - Lila calls out "Cooper! Where are my Headphones!" when Clint goes back in time to test the time-space GPS in Endgame. Of course, there's the heartbreaking scene with which Endgame opens.

Lila is learning to shoot arrows, Nathaniel asks for Ketchup on his hotdogs and Lila asks her father with disgust " Who puts ketchup on a hotdog?."

Ava Russo and Jeremy Runner as Lila and Clint Barton
Father and Daughter in Hawkeye

The first shot of Clint with his family gives us closure and helps us get over the profound loss he experienced as a father, husband, and more in Endgame.

Ava Russo as Lila Barton in Hawkeye Series

Ava Russo plays her role well, which I'm sure would have made her father Joe Russo proud. Joe has made several cameos that have sometimes broken the MCU timeline - he dies as a doctor in Captain America: Civil War but returns in Endgame as a support group participant. Maybe they are characters that just look alike?

Should You Watch It? - Yes! It is fun, light, and meant for the family (mostly)

Considering the super heavy content that Marvel pushed on us with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, What-If, and Loki, watching this should be a no-brainer. Put your thinking caps away, grab a bowl of popcorn, and stream this on your phone, laptop, or smart TV! I promise it'll be fun!

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