Marvel's The Avengers Fight Styles

The Avengers is probably the most well-known group of superheroes across the world. Their fame can be attributed to how relatable and how well-liked they are among the people they protect on-screen and the audience in real life. Another major reason is how they kick ass and look good doing it. If you ever wondered about how The Avengers go about deconstructing a baddie - here is a list of Avengers and their fight styles :

1. Natalya Romanov (Black Widow)

Natalya was a ruthless KGB agent trained as a living weapon before she joined SHIELD as an agent. Therefore she is a formidable fighter with advanced combat training. Romanov's combat technique involves using the weight and strength of the opponent against themselves. She also looks to finish off her opponent before they have time to land a blow. One popular move is to climb onto the shoulders of the other person, lock onto their head using your thighs and throw them to the ground by using your torso and thigh as a counterweight. She also uses Stark sponsored tech such as electric Taser pulses, flashbang grenades, and other gizmos. Iron man 2 shows off all this and more in the Hammer Industries fight scene. Also popular is Nat taking on Bucky in Civil War.

 Marvel's The Avengers Fighting Style - Natasha Romanoff
Nat v Bucky in Civil War. Image Credit: Marvel Studios

2. Steve Rogers (Captain America)

The "man out of time", Steve Rogers, has an incredible set of fight moves - what being the commander of the Avengers and all. Captain America has a metabolism that's 3x that of an average man. This includes physical strength and intelligence as well ( courtesy - Super Soldier Serum ). Coincidentally, Asgardians have similar levels of strength and endurance. 

Coming to fighting style, Captain America uses his own body weight to hammer his opponents. This is probably partly why he chooses a shield as his physical weapon of choice. Winter Soldier has this amazing fight scene with Batroc that almost looks like a dance. He throws powerful punches and spin kicks while using his Vibranium shield as a mace almost. His signature move is his somersault kick - there's a major one in every movie - Age of Ultron has this scene where all the Avengers are fighting literally back to back and Captain America is doing his somersault kick thing.