Avengers: Endgame Movie Review - The End of an Era

Updated: Jun 12

"Part of the journey is the end"- Tony Stark

Caution- Spoilers Ahead!

MCU fans can finally revel in the closure that endgame brings. It is everything that a Marvel fan could wish for,  and maybe a little more. Every ten minutes there is a reason for the whole theater audience to scream and cheer.  Be it a character appearance,  or an unexpected turn of events.  

Character Screen Time in an Ensemble 

This is the most difficult part of any crossover or superhero ensemble movie.  Balancing screen time for major superhero characters in such a massive production is one of the biggest challenges which Marvel handles beautifully. Marvel ensures each character complements each other instead of competing for screen time. Of course,  Marvel's reliance on plot continuity helps achieve such balance,  but it also takes much more than just plotlines to tie in a massive ensemble cast such as this. 

Movie Editing

Granted,  ensemble movies will have to be longer than crisp action movies. But at more than 3 hours, Marvel was pushing it a bit.  The movie does drag a bit in places with some sections which could have been edited out. Thor's eating disorder could have been shown in a more crisp manner,  without highlighting all the aspects of his depression. Professor Hulks journey to New Asgard segue could have been omitted altogether.

Wow Moments