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DC Extended Universe (DCEU) - An Overview

Updated: Jan 6

Detective Comics (DC) is the very first name given to the current DC comics. It is known best by two of its main character's Batman and Superman. In fact, it is so well known, that people who don't know about DC can list the powers of Superman.

DC is the undisputed leader when it comes to animated series, featurettes, and even movies. The most popular ones being that of Batman. 

The DCEU on the other hand is the set of plotlines that were turned into movies since 2013. This started with the "Man of Steel" and capped it off with the "Justice League" in 2017.

This represents the labored efforts from the house of Warner Brothers to breathe life into a movie franchise. Turned out it didn't match up in sheer audience appeal and bombed at the box office. 

DC Animated Series

There has never been any doubt that DC has led by example in this arena. The talent that goes into the Batman Animated Series is simply amazing. It does not matter how dark the storyline is, or how complicated the dialogue is.

Batman TAS

The whole thing just works. Right from the opening sequence where two lights turn into roving searchlights to when the credits roll to an image of the Gotham Bat - it keeps you hooked.

The music, the suspense, the twists, and the juicy tech that Batman uses - all are woven into a tale of the sordid search for redemption. The voice talent for the series is just as brilliant with Mark Hamill voicing the deranged villain Joker.

DC Extended Universe DCEU

As I have stated in my previous posts, DC failed to grasp what MCU does - audience appeal is critical for box office success. Scripts from the comics have to be adapted to the Big screen. "Shazam" which is yet to be released early next year is a step forward in this direction.

Gal Godot as Wonder Woman

But Wonder Woman turned out to be a success because of great direction and good acting. While the Justice League bombed spectacularly. This is probably because they did not give the audience time to like the characters over time, making it feel rushed.

This assembly line method of churning out ready-made superhero ensembles doesn't work.

In conclusion, the DC Extended Universe also has its moments of brilliance, but it is too few and far between. Let's see what future DC releases may bring!

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