5 Reasons To Watch The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Updated: Apr 29

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) answers long-awaited questions for die-hard Marvel fans. You’ll get to know the next Captain America, what Bucky is up to, and life before the blip. Here are 5 reasons to watch the latest offering from Marvel:

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Sam and Bucky
Sam and Bucky

1. Action-packed scenes

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed with a Marvel property, it’s bursts of pure undiluted action. TFATWS has the same brand of action as was present in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” My personal favourite is John Walker being handed his butt by the Dora Milaje, with Ayo leading the Wakandan King’s personal guard. I mean they tossed him around like a hockey puck! Sam kicking butt as the Falcon is also really fun to watch.

Ayo from the Dora Milaje
Ayo, the leader of the Dora Milaje

2. Real-life parallels

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier introduces the first unofficial black captain through Isaiah Bradley. Bradley is a character who took a prototype version of the serum before Steve Rogers, along with several other black men. All except Bradley died. When he went and rescued his compatriots from a POW camp in enemy territory, he was thrown in prison for insubordination. While in prison, the government ran tests on why he survived the serum while others didn’t.

Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley

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