My Quest for Water Proof Apparel in Bangalore

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Not too long ago I took it upon myself to stock my wardrobe with Jackets for the Monsoons.  I wanted something that was functional and fun - something that wasn't run of the mill and yet relatable. So my mind immediately went to two brands - Caterpillar and Columbia. They seemed to meet both criteria. Given below is my experience with brands that deal with waterproof wear in the city of Bangalore. For reasons of convenience, I have visited showrooms housed in malls to explore such products in person.

1. Caterpillar 

The CAT logo was one of the main reasons why I wanted one such jacket. It's cool and elegant. The Caterpillar company is the world's leading manufacturer of construction equipment and has since expanded into apparel and footwear. Most people would admit to wanting one of those yellow CAT dump trucks as a desk ornament.

After a few minutes at the store, I found that only one jacket ever had fun and functional combo. Was waterproof up to 4000 mm and was light, sleek, and had a lot of lapel-like pockets. And of course, the CAT insignia was the cherry on the cake. But the fit was questionable, the cost was around 6000 INR and was a "maybe" at best.


This company makes sportswear for athletes and outdoorsy folk. It's pretty established and has an insignia that stands out too ( although it sounds like a place or hospital). They had a lot of jackets on offer with good waterproof features. It looked good and cost around 5000 INR. Could've gone for it, but felt I should look out for more options.

3. Adidas's, Nike, Reebok

You can't hunt for a jacket and not visit these brands! But the more I browsed, the more disappointment I faced. It's like they focus on just one aspect for each product. If the look is right, it's only water-resistant. If the waterproof feature is great, it's too bulky. If its waterproof and fits great, the price tag is unrealistic. 

4. Wildcraft