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Why Comic-Con Bangalore 2018 was almost worth the drive

Updated: Jan 6

Every geek, nerd, and fan were rushing to KTPO, Whitefield where Comic-Con Bangalore was happening. To my relief, the crowd was slightly older than last year! There was Cosplay, there was Cool Merch and lots of like-minded Comic Freaks. 

What's Great about Comic-Con in Bangalore, India

The whole concept of the Comic Conference is new to our country. So this is all fresh and exciting to fans of Marvel and DC alike. Also, everyone that comes to Comic con Bangalore is really into Storytelling, Marvel, and DC movies and comics. 

It is a platform to showcase the artistic talent of graphic artists, painters, costumes, and maybe even writers. 

There are also a few freebies thrown in, like the cheese wafers that tasted like milk powder, and Doritos. 

You also get a standard goodie set of a single hard poster and sample comic. This time it was a comic named Saga.

I also bought this super cool, super small Thor figurine meant to be a game piece. Apparently, it's not available online. I checked that out and it is, but priced

4x that the original price. 

There was also this Suzuki Swift that was strung up using jigs and fixtures. It was part of this obstacle course display organized by them. 

The crowd was really energetic and fun. Great vibes all around and impressive costumes.

The costumes were high in detail and well done.

I even managed to squeeze in a pic between Aqauman and Mira.

Yes, the cameraman was not initially supposed to be in this shot!

What's not so great about Comic-Con Bangalore

The distance! Omg! It was like sailing to a new continent. Plus the Sun was a bit intense. Whitefield is not close to anything!

Also, there could have been more freebies. After all, we are coming from afar. 

At the very least they could hand out cold water to the people attending, with some juice or something. 


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