Interview with a Cosplayer: Taking up Cosplay as a Hobby

Updated: Jun 25

Costume play or Cosplay is a great way for comic nerds and movie enthusiasts to breathe life into the characters they have read or seen on screen. I managed to find a person passionate about cosplay who goes by the tag NightPurr, on Instagram and Reddit. Here are a few questions she answered about her hobby:

Catwoman Cosplay
NightPurr in her element as Catwoman

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What got you into cosplay?

I’ve always admired people who do cosplay and was intimidated because it seemed like something out of reach for me, both because of my schedule and because of my body composition. I’m 6’0” tall with an athletic build so finding normal clothes to fit properly is always a challenge, so thinking about costumes and cosplays didn’t strike me as a possibility.

Sadie Adler Cosplay
Sadie Adler Cosplay

How many of the costumes have you tried?

I’ve always been obsessed with Catwoman and Batman. My husband and I have an entire bookshelf of comics, figurines, glassware, etc of Catwoman and Batman stuff. I’ve pieced together my own Catwoman costume for Halloween a number of years (it was never perfect but each year it got better) until I realized, “Hey, I can actually make my own Catwoman cosplay by finding pieces here and there and altering things that don’t fit properly.” So that’s where my Catwoman started. Wonder Woman and Zatanna