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Cosplayer of the Month - BriarFire_

This is a new thing we are trying on the movie junkie, where we go through the lives of happening Cosplayers, what drives them and what cosplaying means to them.

Cosplayer of the Month - BriarFire
Briar Living her Best Life

Today we will be interviewing an up-and-coming cosplayer from England, Briar. She is an avid gamer on Twitch who cosplays to pay homage to the characters in gameplay. Here are a few questions she answered about life as a Twitch streamer and cosplayer.

1. What made you take up Cosplay? Since when have you been cosplaying?

I started cosplaying because I do twitch streams and thought it would be fun and a bit more interesting to try dressing up on stream as characters in the games I'm playing! Turns out I really love doing it so I've been branching out with other cosplays as well!

I've been cosplaying for under a year, but I feel like I've come really far! A little practice really makes a big difference

2. Are you studying, or working? I wanted to know if you have any college courses under your belt.

Nope! Twitch is my sole income :)

Nope! No college courses. I dropped out of school for mental health reasons. Streaming being my job works really well for me mentally with setting my own schedule etc so that's actually part of why I stream for a living!

3. Which character have you cosplayed that you most identify with?

Briar cosplaying as Ellie
Ellie from The Last of Us

That's a tough question! I feel like I'm not like any of them. They're all super badass characters. I love Ellie the most though probably. (Tlou) ❤️

4. I see you are drawn to strong female characters while cosplaying. Can I know what draws you to the character of Ellie the most?

Briar cosplaying as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 4
Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 4

Female characters are just generally easier for me to cosplay haha I'll definitely be branching out into some gender-bend cosplays, I'm actually doing one today! However, I do love strong female leads! I love love love Aloy from horizon zero dawn. The thing I love most about Ellie from the last of us is her personality! She is hilarious and just likable. I've always thought I'd love to be her friend.

5. Can I know more about how you got into Twitch streaming, please?

Briar Cosplaying as Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4
Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4

I got into streaming when the covid pandemic was in full swing and I really needed an outlet. I'd been interested in it for a little while anyway as I've always been into gaming and love having online friends so it seemed like a great thing that combined both things together. During the pandemic I ended up out of work so had the time to just take the plunge and go for it! :)

6. How has life been for you in quarantine as a Twitch streamer and a person generally? What does your day look like these days?

My everyday routine is pretty much-watching friends on twitch streams and talking in discord with friends I've made streaming. On days I'm not streaming it's planning what I will stream, cosplays, and social media posts. On days I stream it's getting things ready for later, like the cosplay for later on, and then later on doing my makeup, etc, getting social media posts and the stream ready, and then I stream for about 4 hours!

7. What is your take on Fitness? Do you work out, go to the gym, or exercise regularly?

I do not exercise at all haha. Most of my day on any given day is spent in bed. I'm the least physically fit person I know! 😂

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