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HBO Series: DC Peacemaker To Fight Your Boo Hoos

Updated: May 8

John Cena is coming into his own as a comedic actor, making douchey the new delightful. "Do You Really Wanna Taste It?" by the 80's band Wig Wam sets the tone for the ridiculously funny superhero in the HBO Series: DC Peacemaker willing to kill any number of people to attain peace.

The track is pretty badass, immediately painting a picture in your mind of the packed crowd at an open-air concert, with the not-so-faint smell of the devil's lettuce garnishing the air as you sip on your beer.

All this badassery is immediately hosed off with a heavy dose of well-coordinated, hilariously juvenile dance moves by the entire cast of DC Peacemaker. I never thought that a DC property could be this funny, but with James Gunn at the helm, Marvel should really think of upping their comedic game.

Gunn seems to have adapted his distinctive musical style that was seen first in Guardians of the Galaxy. Anytime you heard 80's music, you'd know Chris Pratt's Star-Lord was about to come on-screen.

Is DC Peacemaker another Superhero Show that's deep and meaningful?

Hell, no! This is the DC equivalent of junk food that tastes oh-so good, but won't make you feel bad the next day. This series is best enjoyed with a beer or three and a side of the unhealthiest snacks possible.

HBO Series: DC Peacemaker
HBO Series: DC Peacemaker

One thing you feel throughout the movie is James Gunn's penchant for using 80's musical nostalgia to make things more fun. Technology and special effects are used wisely in the series with the focus on the storytelling and ridiculous jokes that come out of nowhere like a sucker punch. But the tech and CGI certainly do justice to the hallowed name of Detective Comics.

HBO Series: DC Peacemaker
The height of Toilet Seat Engineering - The Phallic Helmet

Is it a Star-Studded Cast?

Not even close! Are they funny? - Hell Yes! Steve Agee as John Economos is funny without even trying as the quick-witted analyst who fends off Peacemaker's mild attempts at bullying.

Emilia Harcourt is the dark horse among the bunch of misfits who form Peacemaker's team, with some screentime in The Suicide Squad (2021) and a lesser-known role in American Pie: Book of Love. She is a complete stunner, takes to action sequences like a duck to water, and has a significant amount of funny.

DC Peacemaker's team
Cue the Badass Walk: Eagley, you're on my right

If birds of a feather flock together, then meet Eagley, Peacemaker's (CGI) bald eagle, and Freddie Stroma whom I remember from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and more recently in Bridgerton.

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What's impressive is how they've managed to make Eagley hilarious - I'm referring to the badass line-up it takes part in, walking on its two bird feet, even though it can soar above these hilarious weasels.

Freddie Stroma plays the douchey wingman "Vigilante" to John Cena's douchemaster Peacemaker. Failing miserably in hiding his identity with Peacemaker's team, Vigilante has the biggest running gag in the series with him trying to protect his alter-ego pointlessly.

My man Robert (T1000) Patrick needs no introduction as the terrible, psychotic, and racist father of Chris Smith (Peacemaker). He is super funny and menacing in this role as a superhero's disappointed father, providing his son with the latest in helmets that function perfectly as a phallic symbol.

HBO Series: DC Peacemaker
They poke fun at the explosion jump too.

Danielle Brooks is one of the more pedigreed actors on this list starring in the award-winning "Orange Is the New Black". She has great chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially John Cena who trusts her more than the other people in the group. Funny as expected, Brooks is a great addition to this eclectic cast.

Saved the best for last - Peacemaker. Staying at a residence that can make him seem like white trash at best, Chris Smith aka Peacemaker is a hardworking superhero who struggles to cut down on his dirtbag quotient while fighting crime.

Visibly trying to overcome a troubled childhood and flawed value systems, Peacemaker is trying to be a better person and falls ridiculously short of the mark each time. When it comes to kicking ass, however, he's the best in the business, aided by his dad's cool helmet tech that has an unfortunate form factor.

Is the Plot of the DC Peacemaker series mind-blowing?

Yes! - you meant for comedy right? then yes. This series is all about laughs and good storytelling. The plot probably isn't anything extraordinary in any way but stays consistent with the greater DCEU. There is some great action, an okay plot, and good tech on this show but watch it just for the funnies.

What makes this series so watchable and weirdly relatable is the plot that incorporates a level of randomness and chaos that you only get to see in real life. The characters here have idiosyncrasies, not all that drive the plot forward, but mirror the awkwardness that everyday life brings when people interact.

There are callbacks and running gags that feed the comedy machine without all of them fitting perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. It's like when two people try to high-five or fist-bump and the timing is all wrong, but this makes things fun and keeps the vibe real.

This is basically the whole series - the wrong use of #metoo, badly timed catchphrases, violence that is understated by stupidity, and so on. Weaving unscripted moments into a cohesive whole here really makes this series all the more enjoyable.

Finale Update

The finale does not disappoint. Here's why:

  • DC Peacemaker is one the best playlists ever with a bit of a story to go along with it

  • Peacemaker's team is basically "The Other Guys" version of the DCEU

  • The cameo is something you would not want to miss

  • James Gunn probably saved his energy on "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" and put it all into this little DC engine that could.

  • If you like Edgar Wright's "musical" Baby Driver you'd probably like DC's Peacemaker

  • It's ten tons of awesome in an 8 episode bag

Should You Watch It? Duhh! Yes.

This is a fun, irreverent, and insanely funny comedic superhero series that is a must-watch for anyone. Comic fan or not, into Marvel or DC, into James Gunn or Zack Snyder - doesn't matter. Funny's funny!

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