'80s and '90s Cartoons I Grew up With- Part I

Updated: Jun 11

The '80s and '90s cartoons and animated series were some of the best to ever be created. This made me look forward to the weekend, to see what Dexter was up to, whether Liono was in trouble or if Cobra Commander was finally captured. Here are some of the cartoons that I grew up with as a kid:

'80s and '90s Cartoons
G I Joe Animated Series

1. GI Joe ('80s Cartoon)

This animated series aired really early at 7 am on weekends, and was worth getting up early to watch the same. The animation was not as good as the DC series or even the X men TAS at times, but a team of Rambo's equipped with high-tech weapons and gadgets (for the time) was really fun to watch. Most episodes ended with a cliffhanger, with one of the Special forces operatives ( the Joe's) held captive, or Cobra commander giving them the slip.

2. Thundercats ('80s Cartoon)

Thundercats was this amazing mash-up of alien sci-fi meets He-man and "The Mummy." It was this group of extra-terrestrials that are forced to land on earth and fend off a big bad and his inconsequent minion army.

'80s and '90s Cartoons
Mumm Rah

It had mystical elements, technological curiosities, and superpowers, all packed into one really entertaining series. It had good character arcs for most of the cat-like humanoids, having their personas grow with time.

Thundercats Cartoon
Liono with the Eye of Thundera!

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3. Duck Tales ('80s Cartoon)

Disney's Duck Tales would sound like a sharp right turn from the cool of DC and Marvel. But Disney doesn't make any duds (mostly). The story here revolves around the wealthy miser Scrooge McDuck (modeled after Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol) and his grandnephews Huey Luey and Duey who go on adventures. This was wholesome entertainment for everyone, and am sure it still is. This series gave us a lot of pop-culture references such as the pool of gold coins in which Scrooge regularly swims, by diving into it from a diving board no less! The intro jingle that plays is really catchy and is good clean fun.

Duck Tales Cartoon
Duck Tales Cartoon

This series links to a lot of other Disney characters such as Donald Duck who is the uncle of the three kids Scrooge usually ends up babysitting. There were some really fun crossover episodes and spin-offs from this series as well such as Darkwing Duck.

4. Dexter's laboratory ('90s Cartoon)

This was my absolute favorite on Cartoon Network. The series plot revolves around the boy genius Dexter who has lab hidden away in his bedroom that would put NASA HQ to shame! He shares excellent chemistry with his socially accepted, yet not-so-bright sister Dee Dee whose life's mission is to annoy her brother. Dexter also has an arch-nemesis in Mandark, who is another prodigy with a similar self-made lab and a crush on Dexter's sister.

The series is hilarious with some episodes dedicated to spoofing popular cartoon tropes. One episode has Dexter's entire family suit-up like the power rangers to battle an alien. They also have a hybrid parody of the DC and Marvel characters in the Justice Friends with Captain America, Hulk and Thor being made fun of, and a play on the words Justice League.

There is also his lab monkey, simply named Monkey, whose alter ego is again...you guessed it - Monkey!. All episodes with Monkey's superhero status shown are super funny and reminds one of Mojo-jojo for some reason.

5. Superman: The Animated Series ('90s)