Meet the Indian Batman - Anurag Halder

Updated: May 31

The other day I got to talking with a hobby artist, Anurag Halder who had turned up a very interesting Indian adaptation of DC characters. We talked about Marvel, DC, and the comics scene in India and this is what came up:

Q1. Do you have any artwork that's been published into a comic book?

Not really. But I was fortunate enough to work with Bakarmax on one of their comics Kalam

But that's about it. Here’s the link: Kalam

Bakarmax comic kalam by Anurag
Anurag's published comic

Q2. That's really cool! Can I know which character you drew in that?

Oh, it was the whole strip. The story and script was by Sumit Kumar

Q3. Oh, nice! did you get paid for this?

Nope, just a collaboration thing

Q4. What do you think of the current Indian Comics scene? My personal favorites were Amar Chitra Katha, Chacha Choudary, and so on.

Oh man, a lot of great work going on to be honest. Webcomics are on the rise. You can see amazing artists and storytellers in that format. In print, new publishers are emerging. Some of them have already made a name for themselves like Holy Cow productions.

Amazing artists are a