The '80s and '90s Cartoons I Grew Up With - Part II

Updated: Jun 25

The last list covered more mainstream cartoons that most people would have heard of, if not watched. I went through the '80s and '90s cartoons that I used to watch and came up with quite a few gems in my search.

In this list, I will be covering cartoons and animated series that are slightly obscure as requested by a Redditor.

1. Defenders of the Earth (80s Cartoon)

This is one cartoon that I wish stayed on the air for longer with its super-catchy title song. The cartoon had an amazing voice cast with names like Buster Jones (Doc in G.I Joe and Black Vulcan in Super Friends), Peter Renaday ( Splinter in TMNT), and Diane Pershing (Flash Gordon). Peter Mark Richman and Ron Feinberg lent their imposing voices to the cartoon as Phantom and Ming respectively.

80s and 90s cartoons - Defenders of the Earth
Defenders of the Earth

The team-up in this series was legendary. There was Mandrake the Magician who had the magical powers passed on from his father Theron through magical artifacts such as a cloak similar to Doctor Strange, along with a hat and a wand. Phantom was the guardian of the jungle with supernatural powers that imbued him with great strength and agility. There was also a Black Panther-type superhero named Lothar who was supposed to lead the seven nations of Africa but passed on it to assist Mandrake.

Then there was Flash Gordon, who needs no introduction. The space-faring hero and personification of the American Dream - Flash Gordon. The handsome athlete who was taken to space to save the Earth from Ming the Merciless - an alien tyrant.

Animation quality - 7/10

Plot - 6/10

Characters - 8/10

Voice Cast - 9/10

Background score + Title track - 8/10

2. The Centurions (80s Cartoon)