Blood of Zeus - Netflix Series Review

Take Greek mythology, infuse it with great animation, stellar voice acting, season with some eye-popping visceral action, and you get Blood of Zeus, the latest in a line of fun, action-packed Netflix original anime series.

Heron in Blood of Zeus - Netflix Series
Heron in Blood of Zeus - Netflix Series. Image Credit - Netflix

Blood of Zeus tells the story of a poor young Greek man named Heron, as he learns that he is the son of Zeus (as the series' title suggests) and how he copes with the knowledge of his heritage. The entire first season is handled by Charles Parlapanides, Vlas Parlapanides, and Shaunt Nigoghossian. The Parlapanides brothers, the creators of the series, also serve as both executive producers and writers for every episode of the season while Nigoghossian handles directorial duties for all eight episodes. All three members of this small creative team working together produced a quality adult animated series. Though, while at times the show can follow the classical hero’s journey too closely, it’s a fun action-packed adventure.

Blood of Zeus - Netflix Series
Guess who!


To put it simply the cast is great. Though they may not be all instantly recognizable names, the entire cast of Blood of Zeus is all veteran actors of either screen, voice, or both. One of the few names that fans may recognize is Jason O’Mara.

Fans of the DC animated universe will recognize O’Mara as the voi