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DC FanDome 2021: The Dark World of Brooding Superheroes

Updated: May 9

The DC FanDome 2021 is like the Disney 23 Expo that was organized a few years ago. Basically, a comic-con bonus streaming special with everything new in DC that's coming to the screen. we will only be covering the most anticipated and major movie releases and specials in what follows:

DC FanDome 2021 Streaming Event
DC FanDome 2021 Streaming Event

DC FanDome 2021

1. Black Adam

The trailer for Black Adam was pure fire in more ways than one. Dwayne Johnson has the Midas touch for any franchise he comes into contact with, and this one will be no different.

Traditionally playing the role of a supervillain, going up against Superman and Shazam, the solo Black Adam movie will most likely see him in the role of an anti-hero. The fact that Dwayne usually picks the role of a good guy in any movie he plays, makes the plot of an anti-hero Black Adam more likely.

2. Shazam 2

The plot of movies like Shazam has never been that complex, with Shazam 2 utilizing a fairly simple storyline as well. In this installment of the boy-turned-adult superhero, Shazam takes on the daughter of the Greek god Atlas Hespera and Kalypso. These roles are played by Helem Mirren and Lucy Liu, with Mirren starring in an action movie again after F9.

There are a few fun easter eggs with Billy Batson's hideout being named as an actual "lair" in electric lights. There's also his family of instant wizards who will help battle the Big Bad promised to the audience.

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3. The Flash Movie

This is one particular movie that I am personally very interested in, with the DC multiverse unfolding before our very eyes. The trailer sees three Flash variants including two Ezra Miller's one female Flash and Michael Keaton's narration as Tim Burton's Batman.

The DC multiverse will unravel and mash up different movie timelines from Zack Snyder's Flash to Tim Burton's steely Batman avatar.

4. The Batman

Considering how difficult it is to pull off a new version of Batman each time, this version looks really promising. The soundtrack is good with the visuals being suitably darker, grittier, and more angsty. There is an unrecognizable Colin Farell as a villain in this trailer along with a robust Alfred Pennyworth played by the king of Mo-cap (motion capture) Andy Serkis.

We have all been fooled by flashy trailers before, for example, Black Widow and No Time to Die. But the cast also includes The Watcher himself - Jeffrey Wright, heir apparent to James Earl Jones' Darth Vader (bound to happen eventually).

We will probably see an angry and seething Batman who is utterly merciless by the looks of the savage beatdown he lays upon lawbreakers.

5. Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary

It's always nice to see the younger generations paying homage to the OG actors, in this case, Linda Carter who played Wonder Woman on the small screen for quite a while. This video shows Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman and WW1984 interviewing the legend Linda Carter on the occasion of 80 years of Wonder Woman.

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