Link Building Strategies for Companies and Freelance Writers

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Link Building and SEO go hand in hand and is very important for websites. Companies and freelance writers need to understand and execute efficient marketing campaigns to stay ahead of their competition in the market. This can be done by creating and using high-quality links, increasing the right kind of web-traffic. The most efficient link building companies and freelance writers are also the most successful in the market.

Link Building - digital marketing essential
Link Building - digital marketing essential

There are various link building strategies that can be used to make external websites to link to yours:

  • Content Creation and Promotion – Companies and freelance writers can create engaging and interesting content that users will want to reference and link to, and share with others about it.

  • Submissions - Submit company news to press releases, and submit your site to directories, and may such other submissions can be done. This is essential for link building agencies.

  • Reviews and Mentions – A company can position its product, service, or even its site in front of popular bloggers to gain online publicity and being mentioned on other sites.

  • Links from Friends and Partners – It is good to encourage known people such as colleagues and friends to link to the site of your choice.

Best Ways to Build Links for Free

It is best to plan how to build links for a particular website and come up with a strategy for link building. This will increase the search engine rankings of a particular web page or website. To get a great ranking for a certain web page these factors have to be considered:

  • Anchor Text – this refers to the actual text a linking page utilizes to talk about the said content.

  • Linking Page Quality - Another aspect considered is the quality of the page that is sending the link; search engines allow links from high-quality, trusted web pages to boost rankings much more than ambiguous pages and sites.