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Netflix Ragnarok: Season 3 - An Almost Amazing Series

Updated: Jan 8

Netflix Ragnarok Season 3 has almost everything going for it, starting with surviving for more than a single season to spectacular visual effects and a sold plot execution.

I loved the way they have introduced Thor in a modern setting in Norway, and how they have developed their characters through the seasons. Also, the cinematography is blended well with the high-grade CGI.

I've talked about Season 1 in Ragnarok: Netflix Original Series Review.

What happened in Netflix Ragnarok Season 2?

Season 2 sees Thor gather a council of old gods in the new age from Norse goddess Frejya to Tyr the God of War and someone similar to Eitri the dwarf weapon maker. In this season you see individuals actually remembering their past lives as gods which is all very Jungian (Carl Jung's archetypes).

An important character meets their demise in this season. There is significant character development and some fan service. It is the assembling of the Avengers equivalent of character development that is as educating as it is entertaining.

What's great about Netflix Ragnarok Season 3?

I've already talked about how the CGI is great previously, but in this season they really have stepped up the production value of their special effects. There's great intrigue, suspense, and build-up that is done well.

Thor gets affected by the will of his weapon and is brought back to himself with the help of his fellow realized- gods from Odin to Frejya. The narrative is great as usual even with English audio and this definitely adds to the ambience. It reaches such a point that you'd think it can only get bigger and better.

Until it really, really doesn't. Most of you people will find the last episode to be anti-climactic, and there will also be a small annoying minority of you who still think the end is meaningful.

Should you watch season 3?

If the satisfying end to a series means everything to you, then the payoff to watching this series will definitely sub-par at best. In case you're the type who enjoys all the aspects of a great series without worrying too much about the finale then give it a watch for sure.

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1 Comment

Regarding Ragnarok Season 3: I must disagree. It was all in his head? That’s a cop out every time, just like in “Lost.” It usually happens because the writers have not planned ahead for how the plot will resolve, so there are too many contradictions that can’t be explained. Therefore, the resolution becomes it was all due to schizophrenia. It took far too long to deliver Season 3, leading me to suspect major production problems, such as the writers were not being paid enough or the season in general was insufficiently funded. It’s also possible that the writers were not given sufficient time or were not sufficiently creative. I loved Seasons 1 and 2, but hated 3. I…

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