Dash and Lily- Netflix Series Review

Updated: Jan 24

It’s no secret that this time of year brings along with it tons of romantic holiday movies and sitcoms. Netflix’s Dash & Lily, adapted from the book series “Dash & Lily's Book of Dares” by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, puts a new twist on what we’re used to seeing during the holiday season. The first impression of this series that it may be too cute but by the third or fourth episode we are drawn to Lily’s quirkiness and the moodiness of “Notebook Boy.”


Lying to a friend from the past about his father taking him to Switzerland for the holidays, Dash gives himself the gift of solitude for Christmas. We then see him in The Strand Bookstore where he comes across this interesting notebook. With her parents headed to Fiji and her grandfather headed to Florida, Lily is crushed when her usual family traditions are tossed aside.

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This is when Lily’s brother helps her come up with the idea for the notebook, and Lily comes up with the idea to leave it in her favorite book store next to her favorite book. Hoping this will lead her to the perfect guy for her. When Dash finds the notebook, he wastes no time completing the first dare and sending Lily on her own adventure. They trade dares, dreams, and desires through the notebook that takes them all over New York City.

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During the series the dares force Dash, who hates Christmas, to get into the holiday spirit while also falling in love with a woman he has never met. Lily on the other hand is brought out of her comfort zone after living a very sheltered life. But the one big question is, can their real selves live up to the expectations of their on-paper selves?

Should I watch it? Maybe.

If holiday romcoms are your cup of tea then I would definitely give this series a watch. If you don’t like the Hallmark Christmas movies we are bombarded with every year then this series probably isn’t for you. Although you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving this series a chance.

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