Hubie Halloween - Netflix Movie Review

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Is this the terrible movie Adam Sandler promised us?

A socially inept, goofy character who has a heart of gold and a dreamy love interest? Seems familiar. In fact, I could be describing many Happy Madison productions but I am indeed describing Netflix's most recent "direct to Netflix" film, Hubie Halloween.

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler
Hubie Halloween - Adam Sandler (Image credit: Netflix)

Hubie Halloween is a seasonal slapstick comedy about an easily frightened community volunteer who finds himself constantly ridiculed and pranked by everyone in the town of Salem. Only a select few treat our hero with any semblance of respect, setting up the perfect underdog story.

The film, which was directed by Steven Brill who has worked alongside Adam Sandler for a long time, never tries to be anything other than a rudimentary Happy Madison film. One could view this as lazy filmmaking and a half-assed attempt to fulfill his Netflix contract. Although, despite the generic plot, drawn-out pacing, and skin-deep characters, Hubie Halloween manages to pull out a few laughs and enjoyable moments. If you're a fan of Adam Sandler and his comedy, add this movie to your watchlist.

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The Plot

Hubie Halloween takes place on Halloween night, surprising I know. Hubie (otherwise known as Pubie by the local residents) lives with his mother and spends his days greeting neighbors, working at a deli shop, and making daily reports of ANY suspicious activity to the police. All the while being pranked, attacked and ridiculed by the Salem residents. It's unclear why Hubie is so universally disliked. It's alluded to that part of the reason is because of his incessant snitching to the police but other than Hubie being the ideal target for bullies there isn't a defined reason.

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler
Halloween wisdom by Sandler (Image credit: Netflix)