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El Conde: A Quirky and Fun Chilean Film on Netflix

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

El Conde Netflix Movie

Directed by Pablo Larraín, El Conde is a quirky take on the erstwhile real-life Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet still surviving as a vampire who is sick of life and wants it to end. This dark comedy in black and white starts off slow and entertains you at the same pace throughout with a fun narrative.

Plot and Characters in El Conde

Augusto Pinochet has done everything a man could do in a lifetime twice over and then some. It is because he is an immortal vampire who has accumulated power by killing countless people, marrying royalty, and scooping up limitless wealth along the way.

The Count in El Conde movie

Now that he has lived a highly eventful life, he plans to die peacefully by stopping the consumption of human hearts. That's what sustains a vampire - the blood and heart of a human being, in this movie at least.

the family in El Conde

His family on the other hand are all mortals whom Pinochet hasn't bitten under the condition that they don't disturb the natural order of things. The Count, as Pinochet likes to be called sends for his family saying that he wants to be with them in the end.

The family of course comes bounding to claim their share of the family fortune. Also on the way is a young and nubile accountant from a church (a nun) to locate part of the Count's inheritance that is lost in old documents.

The French Accountant in El Conde

What follows is a romp of a plot device where the family is awaiting their inheritance eagerly, the nun with her own agenda, and the Count's wife who covets immortality.

El Conde's Cinematography

The black-and-white format of the movie adds to the charm of the whole thing, enhancing the movie experience and visual effects as well.

The Count Flying in El Conde

The scenes where the Count takes flight with his cape fluttering in the wind are simple yet effective. The background score is great and high-contrast black-and-white shots are beautiful, to say the least.

Should You Watch It? Yes!

El Conde is a fun watch due to its simple plot, humorous twists, and great visuals. If you are in the mood for a foreign language film that is funny and light, then go ahead and stream this on Netflix. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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