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The Fall Guy Movie: A Fun Action Flick

Updated: 6 days ago

The Fall Guy Movie Poster 2024

Ever since I watched the trailer of The Fall Guy movie I wanted to watch this 80s-style action romedy, risking even massive disappointment. As it turns out, the movie viewing was worth the risk, turning out to be everything it promised - silly, fun, and massively entertaining.

The Plot of The Fall Guy Movie

Colt Seavers is an in-demand Stuntman played by Ryan Gosling whose career comes to a screeching halt when one of his stunts goes terribly wrong. Cut to a long time later, Colt is a parking valet for a Mexican restaurant being called back to a movie directed by his love interest Jody Morena played by Emily Blunt.

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy Movie 2024

But the action sequences in this movie are really great to watch. The whole film comes off as a grand power ballad of love with highly glamorous action sequences. The Kiss song "I Was Made for Loving You" is remixed into something more fun in The Fall Guy and is the musical centerpiece of the whole story.

Ryan Gosling makes it work as the down-to-earth stuntman, but not without the help of real-life stuntman Logan Holliday backing him up where it counts - even setting a world record for the most car rolls in a single stunt at 23.5.

As for the action sequences, the entire plot and performances are all delightfully over the top with Winston Duke quoting memorable movie lines at key points in the movie. The USP of the movie is that everyone is self-aware of how ridiculous the entire situation is, from the movie that we are watching to the movie being filmed within the movie we are watching.

The Cast

The cast of The Fall Guy has great on-screen chemistry with each other and it shows as the movie is so enjoyable. You sometimes do get lost in the trail of accents every once in a while such as Aaron and Emily who have an English accent playing someone with an American accent alongside people in Australia!

Emily gives a great performance without even breaking a sweat, it might be because the role is that small or just that she is that good. Either way, it works. But after all the action-heavy roles she's done from The Edge of Tomorrow to The Adjustment Bureau, it feels like Moreno is a dumbed-down character.

Winston Duke as Dan Tucker in The Fall Guy Movie

Winston Duke plays a pretty decent stunt coordinator who is a close friend of Colt in The Fall Guy Movie and has a funny fight scene to be proud of along with some equally amazing stunt-backed action.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson has the honor of playing the conceited Hollywood actor trope and does it well, even if the movie within the movie is shot in Australia. It does remind me of The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock with both movies searching for a missing person of some repute. Aaron's accent sounds exactly like Matthew McConaughey making things all the hilarious.

Hannah Waddingham as Gail the producer in The Fall Guy 2024 movie

Hannah Waddingham plays an overworked producer with terrible hair and significant talent in making movies. Her performance is brilliant, to say the least doing so much with the limited screen time she's given. Check out Ted Lasso Apple Original Series - A Heartwarming Sitcom

The star of this movie is undoubtedly Ryan Gosling who is effortlessly funny with the same brand of humor as in The Good Guys playing off everyone from Winston Duke to the French dog that attacks groins on command.

The Cinematography

The Cinematography is a big reason why you should watch this movie where the movie-makers don't take themselves too seriously. There's a lot of 80s-style movie-making nostalgia that makes the movie that much better.

The Fall Guy has a lot more in common with a musical or Broadway production than an actual action movie with most of the story being told in sing-song. The slow-motion action sequences are not painful like Zack Snyder's "Rebel Moon 2," but serve as a great storytelling medium.

Coming to the colors in this movie, remind you of the late '80s and early '90s with a lot of bright and bold orange, pink, and green. The color schemes are chosen probably to pay homage to the original "The Fall Guy" series that was from that period. You might like El Conde: A Quirky and Fun Chilean Film on Netflix

Ryan Gosling gives off a vibe that is similar to the one that Tom Cruise gave off in the 1990 movie "Days of Thunder" where Cruise plays a NASCAR driver.

Should You Watch It? Yes!

This is such a fun movie that you can watch it with your family without any regrets. It is a silly flick with its heart in the right place looking to give you a good time more than anything else.

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