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Inside Job Animated Netflix Series: Conspiracy Theories as Comedy Fuel

Updated: May 9

In an interview with Will Smith on the sets of the movie Hancock, Smith says as long as it's relatable and funny, the lead character in a movie can be as disgruntled as you want.

The Inside Job Animated Netflix series taps into this disgruntled comedy vein with Lizzy Caplan playing the role of Reagan Ridley - the socially challenged scientist.

Inside Job Animated Netflix Series
Inside Job Animated Netflix Series

Plot: Inside Job Animated Netflix Series

The premise of this animated series is pretty simple - Cognito Inc. a Deep State organization attempts to keep things hidden from the public to enact their own will on the people of the US and the world.

After QAnon propaganda, trackers in vaccines, mind-controlled presidents, and many more crazy theories, a series that pokes fun at this trend is a welcome reprieve.

Inside Job Animated Netflix Series
Cognito Inc.

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The Inside Job Netflix series is not subtle by any stretch of the imagination and gets straight down to making fun of such conspiracy theories. The plot revolves around the social misfit scientist Reagan Ridley and her dad Rand Ridley voiced by the brilliant Christian Slater.

It follows the dysfunctional dad-daughter relationship between Reagan and Rand, set against the chaotic work environment of a deep-state organization.

There are references to lizard people, the Illuminati ( subbed in by the Shadow Council ), alien coworkers, and a whole lot more.

Voice Cast: Inside Job Animated Netflix Series

With a stellar voice cast, simple plot device, and script, Inside Job is a great watch, with the characters sharing great chemistry with each other. My favorites are Brett Gelman who played a manic conspiracy theorist on Stranger Things.

In this series, he plays a sentient mushroom creature that was scooped up from the hollow part of planet Earth (yes, they support the hollow earth theory here).

Inside Job Animated Netflix Series Review
Reagan and Rand Ridley

Regan Ridley and Clarke Duke of Hot Tub Time Machine fame are really fun characters here, with Clarke playing the role of a social butterfly jock named Brett Hand. Christian Slater is unbelievably funny in this series as the crazy, unkempt father of his genius scientist daughter.

Other comedy regulars include Tisha Campbell as Gigi the sassy exec and Andy Daly as J.R, the head of Cognito Inc.

Should You Watch It? - Yes!

This is the comedy equivalent of a Vin Diesel movie, giving you a few laughs and some good animation. Don't expect multiple meta jokes as in Rick and Morty and you should be fine.

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