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The Mission Impossible Franchise So Far

Updated: Jan 6

What's common between Jackie Chan, Buster Keaton, Keanu Reeves, and Tom Cruise? They all stake their lives on the movies they make, quite literally, by doing their own stunts.

It's no wonder Henry Cavill prioritized his Mission Impossible Franchise mustache over the undercooked Justice League. Cavill had absolute faith in the success of Mission: Impossible 6 (Fallout) and the movie did not disappoint.

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning

Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, and Buster Keaton all live the role they play. Whether it is dangling over the side of a military airplane, rappelling down a series of tube lights, or having an entire house collapse on you. This is why people keep returning to watch the nth iteration of every franchise they're in.

One thing all movies in the Mission: Impossible franchise have in common. Any guesses?

In case you have missed every movie of this awesome franchise, here are all the movies summarized for you to get up to speed and watch Dead Reckoning.

Mission Impossible Franchise begins - Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible was a great start to the movie franchise with the brash young Ethan Hunt taking on the system to avenge his fallen teammates. The tech was cutting edge then and has also been somewhat favorably reviewed by experts.

Mission: Impossible Aquarium Explosion

There's a predictable but exciting double cross and a lot of action. My personal favorite was the red light/green light scene - so simple yet so effective using the exploding chewing gum. The aquarium escape is visually awesome and the gum on the chopper windshield was a great callback.

Mission: Impossible 2 was a flop on all accounts and rightly so. The action sequences seemed promising with the hero and the heavy duking it out with superbike projectiles and the opening sequence which is awesome. That's where the awesomeness ends though, with the one-liner plot leaving a lot to be desired and the acting being sub-par at best.

Mission: Impossible 3 was a good recovery from the anemic plotline and acting in its predecessor. This is where the guys behind the franchise began weaving an extended plot that would sustain a string of hits where each would top the last. My fav Maggie Q displays her fine acting chops with great action adding to the awesomeness of the Mission Impossible Franchise.

Mission Impossible Franchise Maggie Q

You get to see Tom Cruise doing his running thing more than the last two movies put together.

Tom Cruise Running

The plot while simplistic, is executed well with Ethan rescuing his wife from the clutches of an international arms dealer. This lays the foundation for a lot more to come in the sequels.

You know things are getting serious when they start naming the sequels. The movie has an international cast with our very own Anil Kapoor gracing the screen as the goofy business magnate Brij Nath. There's skyscraper scaling, briefcase printers, sandstorm fights, and more revolving around Ethan Hunt trying to avert a nuclear missile launch.

Rebecca Fergusson as the Mi:6 agent Ilsa Faust, and Sean Harris as Solomon Lane the new-age global terrorist. You see Simon Pegg as Benji here sticking out his neck to clear Ethan's name and kicking butt in the process.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Ilsa Faust

The locales and cinematography are really good in this movie with a special audio cue for Ilsa Faust based on an opera. The amazing opening sequence, the tense humor, and the amazing chase scenes really make this movie a great watch.

M:I 6 plays out like a Marvel finale (Re: Endgame) with an elaborate plot executed well, many questions answered, and impossibly high stakes. Most of the scenes in this movie really keep you on the edge of your seat with the final scene being a literal cliffhanger.

Mission: Impossible Fallout  Pub Scene

My favs are Cavill reloading his arms during a restroom brawl, Cruise jumping off a building and breaking his ankle on camera, and the entire third act in the movie. The action is so intense that even light jokes land like an A380, breaking the tension and making you laugh.

We all have probably seen Cruise jumping a dirt bike off a cliff by now, along with the making of the scene as well, probably. That scene best describes both the personality and life of Tom Cruise with his autobiography which will probably feature such an image.

The Syndicate who was introduced in Rogue Nation might have a major role here along with other big bads. As an ardent fan of the Mission Impossible franchise I can't wait to see what Tom Cruise has in store for us with Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning.



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