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Ratnan Prapancha - Amazon Prime Video Original Movie

Updated: May 9

Every once in a while you come across a movie that is genuine and heartfelt, making you think about life and love. Ratnan Prapancha on Amazon Prime Video is one of those movies that deal with the bond between a mother and her children. It focuses on what makes a mother, genetics, or parenting.

Ratnan Prapancha Amazon Original Movie Review
Ratnan Prapancha Amazon Original Movie

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Since I am partial to comedies this movie was initially a letdown, throwing a few jokes at viewers only to go down a long winding road of introspection and self-discovery. Nevertheless, the movie does stick the landing, staying true to the message it wants to deliver and the tone that it delivers it in.

Plot of Ratnan Prapancha

The plot in this movie revolves around a typical mother-son relationship that evolves throughout the movie. Dhananjay plays the role of Ratnakara, the son of Saroja who one day discovers by accident that he is an adopted child.

What ensues is a quest to find her birth mother and his actual siblings, which spans the width of the country. The journey begins with a reporter who reveals that he is actually adopted as a child and both of them set off on an interesting journey, to say the least.

Ratnan Prapancha Amazon Original Movie Review
Mother and Son

The South Indian look-alike of Yami Gautam, Reba Monica John plays the role of Mayuri, the reporter of a local newspaper. She and Ratna go to at least two different cities to locate his biological family and come across various characters in the process and their different lifestyles.

Ratnan Prapancha Amazon Original Movie Review
Scoldings- A right of passage for all mothers!

Umashree is incredibly funny and poignant as Saroja, Ratnakara's doting yet slightly clingy and maybe annoying mum. To avoid major spoilers, I won't talk about other cast members in the movie, but you can rest assured they are amazing in their roles.

Surprisingly, there are also action sequences that are done quite well, accompanied by great cinematography and even a song by Puneet Rajkumar! The screenplay and editing are really good in this movie, making it worth a watch. I would suggest watching this at one go, without any breaks in between.

Should You Watch It? - Yes!

Even if you don't speak and understand Kannada, you can use the subtitles provided and follow the plot quite easily. While not a comedy, this movie is funny in places and Dhananjay's acting alone is enough to warrant a viewing. I am particularly fond of the ending as it wraps up the story with a metaphor very nicely.

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