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Workin' Moms - A (More) Realistic Take on Working Mothers

Catherine Reitman is not particularly known for playing lead roles in any series but does justice to all the supporting roles she undertakes. In the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Workin' Moms series (licensed to Netflix), Catherine plays a lead role as Kate Foster, a working mother juggling parenting and work. While not biographical to any extent, Reitman, having written this series, does draw on her own life experiences to enrich the plot of this series.

Workin' Moms Netflix Series
Workin' Moms

This Netflix syndicated series follows the lives of four working mothers who know each other through a "mommy and me" support group. What brings these women together is a similar outlook on life as a working parent, and life in general. There's Kate Foster, the gutsy advertising Czar, the fiesty psychiatrist Anne Carlson (Dani Kind), the bored-with-life hottie Jenny Matthews (Jessalyn Wanlim), and the burnt-out realtor Frankie Coyne (Juno Ruddell).

The soundtrack and even the background score are wacky and fun that it adds to how funny the series is and can get. The score has these fun beat-boxer sounds along with some literal hoots that set this offbeat vibe going throughout the series.

Season 1

The very first episode starts with introducing us to our titular workin' moms being wildly and hilariously inappropriate at their "mommy and me" session. (This seems like the right time to dole out a mature content warning - there might be scenes with nudity and sex).

Workin' Moms
The foursome at "mommy and me" sessions

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The "mommy and me" sessions are comedy gold! They set the tone for all the seasons that follow the first. While the moms are shown as people with a fully developed personality in such sessions, this series is self-aware as well. The second season has an Indian-Canadian single mother vent her feelings about how overprivileged the four are in the group. The miffed mom Jade (Nelu Handa) says she wants to throw a desk out the window listening to Kate and her friends whine as they have both full-time childcare and a partner who helps out.

Workin' Moms
Nelu Hands as Jade

Reitman's Kate Foster is highly intelligent and incredibly goofy at the same time. Most of the nudity and or sex used in this series is used to comedic effect and works really well. This is especially true when it comes to Reitman - lost count of how many times I broke out into a fit of laughter, watching her antics!

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Kate foster is shown as the hardy working mother who is trying to balance work at an advertising agency and life as a mom. Anne Carlson is a slightly uptight psychiatrist who might have some trust issues, is mostly just intense. Jenny Matthews is the corporate drone who seems to be in the middle of an identity crisis, putting both her marriage and job at risk. At the very bottom of the barrel, we have the realtor Frankie Coyne who seems to be overwhelmed with her work and life needs.

Although initially only Kate and Anne are shown to have known each other for a long time. But as you step into season two you realize the women have more in common than just their college years.

Should You Watch It? Yes!

This is a really fun and wacky series with pockets of seriousness. It deals with issues such as loneliness, fidelity, and life in marriage with a kid. If you are above 18, I would highly recommend you watch it!

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