Good Girls Netflix Series - A Slow Burning Dramedy

The Good Girls Netflix series is if Desperate Housewives was crossed with the 2008 movie Mad Money and added to it, a dash of Heisenberg's madness in Breaking Bad. This dramedy revolves around three housewives who get entangled with the underworld after their financial desperation forces them to knock off a local grocery store. Yes, it IS as complicated as it sounds, the snowball effect that their crime causes leads to most of the comedy.

Good Girls Netflix Series Review
Good Girls Netflix Series

Season 1

At no moment should you mistake this series for something that is just light-hearted fun. It is slow-burning, dark, and at times straight-up depressing. But there are also laughs, feel-good moments, and their version of redemption I guess.

The first season springs for the shock factor with the women robbing their local grocery store. There's Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) the typical suburban housewife whose life has boiled down to taking care of her kids and keeping her man happy. Beth's screw-up sister Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) bordering on white trash, has a son and struggles with responsibility and relationships. Ruby Hill (Retta from Parks and Recreation) is the working class mother who pulls double shifts as a waitress to support her family.

[For some reason, the women cast in the lead roles seem to be well-endowed - don't know whether it is a conscious choice or if it is purely coincidental in the casting process.]

Good Girls Netflix Series
Mae Whitman as Annie

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Beth is the dark brooding one, who seems to be practically cynical, Ruby is the resigned one who laughs at the difficulties at hand and carries on. The heavy-lifting when it comes to comedy falls upon the capable shoulders of Annie who does not disappoint.

Ruby Hill in Good Girls Series